Do you think of death of Bobby Sands resulted in his martyrdom?

  • IRA Cause Furthered

    The Irish Republican Army (IRA) and its cause may have been furthered thanks to Bobby Sands' death in prison due to a prolonged hunger strike. Following his death, recruitment into the IRA increased and then waves of violence and bombings followed well into the mid-1980s until formal peace agreements were signed.

  • Down as a hero

    Yes, this man will forever be remembered as a hero because of the way he died. He was a man who believed strongly in the cause he was fighting for, and this was shown when he actually starved himself to death in a hunger strike while he was in prison.

  • Bobby Sands became a martyr for his cause

    Bobby Sands was imprisoned for his beliefs and involvement in the IRA. He left this world still fighting in the only way he knew how. Imprisoned, left with little recourse, he led other IRA members on a hunger strike that ultimately led him to his death. Anytime someone dies fighting for a cause, it will increase the ardor of likeminded individuals. Following his death, there were protests across Europe. I would certainly say that Bobby sands became a martyr upon his death.

  • Yes, Bobby Sands death due to his hunger strike resulted in martyrdom.

    Bobby Sands was a member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army. His decision to go on a hunger strike to protest certain conditions while in prison resulted in his death. Following his death there were demonstrations of support in several countries. It is also documented that enrollment in the IRA increased dramatically immediately after his death. Bobby Sands' death gave him martyr status.

  • He died needlessly.

    No, I do not think the death of Bobby Sands was his martyrdom, because he wanted to die for his cause. Bobby Sands had many other ways to get his point across rather than to allow himself to die. He was not killed for his beliefs, rather he allowed himself to die for the romance of his political cause.

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