Do you think Ohio's yellow license plates for DUI Offenders will keep people in the state safer?

  • Of course yes!

    If people don't want a different license plate that identifies them as a DUI offender, it's very simple. They have to not drink while driving! Along with the already existing charges, people will have more negative incentive to drive while intoxicated. This debate doesn't feel like a debate and more like a question that has the most obvious answer imaginable.

  • Ohio Take Step Into The Future with DUI Offenders

    By demanding that drivers with previous DUI offences Ohio states how solemnly it takes the problem of drunk driving. Drunk driving kills far too many people each year and giving offenders a mark of shame could help drivers reconsider before getting into their car after a night of drinking. This, I believe, will greatly help reduce drunk driving related deaths in Ohio.

  • Shame does work

    People may not like it, but everyone has a right to know the people on the road who have driven while intoxicated so they can steer clear. I think it helped with shoplifting when stores started shaming people by placing their picture on a flyer for all to see, and hopefully this will work too.

  • Drivers will be more conscious around DUI offenders

    When a driver sees the yellow plate of a DUI offender, he will drive more carefully. There is no telling if the offending driving drank before he started driving so it's best to stay clear of him. The yellow license plates will help others drivers to avoid the DUI offender so everyone will be safer just in case the offender is driving drunk again.

  • It's A Highly Logical Measure

    Of course it will keep people in the state safer. It will not only alert pedestrians to the dangers of someone potentially drunk behind the wheel, but it will also deter potential DUI offenders from drinking while driving, as they will not wish to be constantly advertising the fact that they broke the law.

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