• Yes, I do.

    When I think of mining sadly those are the only two industries that come to my mind and it really makes me so sad that people are killed mining and that the public really underestimates mining jobs and the people working them are really putting themselves on the line. It is not an easy job

  • Yes, oil and mining are among the most corrupt industries.

    Oil and mining are among the oldest industries still in practice today. Mining in particular is a practice that goes back dozens of centuries. The leaders of these industries have long adopted cut-throat practices to gain favorable access to the resources they need, in whatever corner of the world in which it's taking place. The contemporary US is certainly no exception.

  • Oil and mining industries are not corrupt

    The idea that the oil and mining industries are corrupt and have it out for the common good are just good talking points for opponents of these industries. The industries have a responsibility to their shareholders and to make as much of a profit as possible. This usually means making decisions not popular with opponents of oil and mining.

  • Oil and Mining are not the Most Corrupt Industries

    There are many corrupt industries in modern society. Oil and mining, historically, have been two of the worst contenders for the title 'most corrupt'. However, today, the most corrupt industry is perhaps the sports industry. This is an industry which generates millions of dollars of profit and yet teachers are paid next to nothing. Additionally, athletes are pushed through schools, taking the places of some who actually want to learn and could use the money soaked up by athletic departments, which always get priority. If that is not corruption, I do not know what is.

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