Do you think old generation cartoons are better then the new ?

Asked by: IceClimbers
  • Old cartoons are better

    They had genuine stories and characters that you could love. Nowadays it's all made to be hip with the kids and the animation is less detailed and interesting. It's throw away stuff. Steven universe and others like it won't be remembered with such fondness as Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones and more. Those are the type of cartoons to last forever.

  • Classics Never Die

    The fact that this is being debated today proves the point. It's quite the blanket statement to say all are better than today's because not all are better than they are today those we still see mentioned, Hear of and/or watch, Etc. Are classics and classics never die. How many cartoons in the past ten years will be remembered less those copied and then modernized of the greatest ones ever made.

  • Yes They Are

    I'm an animation student and its clear that older cartoons are more detailed graphics wise. Teen titans go even made a joke in an episode about how bad their animation is because they're aware of how they've dumbed it down. Plus the humour in new cartoons is the same in every show; its the same cliche ideas in all shows.
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  • I like spongebob bruh

    It be cool. I lik episode old btter. They more cooler and trendy. New episode lokk ugly, I wich i can watch only old episod sponebob. I hate new one beccause only animation and no good voice i like the old tom and jerry. It made more sense. Aha. I love it

  • Old cartoons were evergreen

    Current cartoons are just animated arts nothing else..In Old cartoons the essence was further amplified with technicolor more away..Cartoons like tom and Jerry,Developmental Disney,Looney Toons were too good to resist even for adults..Overall I can say Old Cartoons had a story line,better and solid cast and enjoyable theme which narrated understandable(in childhood) storyline

  • We are taking the easy route.

    Older cartoons were forced to have more narrative, because of the limitations, and to sell more toys. This created many memorable cartoons that warmed our hearts.

    Animations now are more fluid but also have less effort put into them. Why? To maximise profits. Old animations had more detail, and inbetweens, which might not have been as fluid but looked amazing. Simpler styles wouldn't have sold back then because most shows were backed by toy sales.

    The simpler animation styles also mean they have the freedom to exaggerate, and make better slapstick but its something that has become way too overused.

    Now a lot of cartoons have a simplistic style, and fluid animation. Yes the animation is better but this style is more comical, and doesn't suit story-heavy animations so they make things like TTG or even another reboot of Ben10. Detailed backgrounds do not fit, and take too much time so they stick something simple instead. The lack of workmanship is appalling.

    However there are American cartoons that are good now, just much more scarce. You have the Adventures of Gumball, a unique show that is humorous for all audiences. You can see the effort they put into it, and its worth. It. Gravity Falls, a story driven cartoon whose style is kind of ironic to what the show is about.

    We need to stop slacking and putting too little effort into our cartoons, we need to stop using flash animation, be unique, and create shows that stay with the kids until they grow old. Dumb shows may be funny every now and then but we get sick of it real fast.

  • I’m 12 but I may remember the older shows that I seen

    I like the old ones better but I like mostly the 2000s cartoons well because there better and I like the ones before they were rebooted but I like the old powerpuff girls better (I like the 90s cartoons better) and imaginary house foster friends (I watched it was I was like 4 the year before it was canceled) but I seen older cartoon mostly on YouTube but I feel bad they we’re cancelled like when I was a toddler. But my friend like the new ones better because they had better graphics and the old sucks that’s what my friend said. AND JUST THE GRAPHICS WHAT ABOUT THE GOOD SHOWS WHERE ITS BETTER. But I wish they can bring them back.

  • Old cartoons are way better

    Because it sucks .The new cartoons are too immature because most episodes are about butts and crap... So old cartoons are better. Espessially popeye. Popeye was the best. It was better than these stupid new ones. Only some new cartoons are actually good. The rest is all crap, and turd.

  • The new veggietales

    The new one is terrible and I want it to die. The animation has ruined my childhood. They need to put the old version back and get rid of this new garbage. There are many shows like that for ex. Scooby doo. What have they done!!!!!! They have ruined my life

  • I believe that older cartoons are better for kids

    I thunk this because when I was young and I watched powerpuff girls, Ben 10, or samurai Jack there was enough action and violence to be honest and be somewhat truthful as to how the world works, violence is a fact a life it is going to happen and it is going to look bloody. Not just that but also that there was a moral lesson to be learned from every episode some new shows do that but very few. I remember at the end of a power puff girls episode they learned about certain values showing that for all their power and responsibilities they are still children who learn about the world as they live and as a kid I learned with them.

  • Nostalgia blinds people

    Everyone overlooks new cartoons because they grew up on the older ones, it's like playing an old game and loving it so much that you wish you could forget about it just to play it again. Nostalgia is the factor that makes everyone like the older cartoons more. Today animators can do a better job, there are better animating programs and a lot of the times they do a pretty good job. This is all my opinion, don't have to agree.

  • I'm actually on both sides on this one but hear me out

    Animation wise, the old cartoons are better. Now, let's talk about cartoons in general. Alot of people on the "YES" side of the conversation keep on saying "Cartoons back in the day had better stories" and stuff without even considering the new episodes of Adventure Time, Steven Universe, etc. Another one complained why there are no theme songs when Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Star Butterfly, etc. have theirs. Another complain was they lost their "fun" to the point where kids just become bored. I think they overlooked Gumball, Loud House, etc. Alot of the people who answered "YES" compare old cartoons to shows like Teen Titans GO or Power Puff Girls 2017. That's not even fair. Don't let nostalgia get to you. Don't tell us that it's a fact. It's an opinion.

  • Old Cartoons are the Great

    I love the old cartoons because they were funny, had a life lesson beautiful graphics and amazing characters. The new cartoons r just old cartoons remade in a horrible way, some things can't be changed they will always be with us. Even if 10 years later they put back a remade of our fav cartoon it's not the same, e.G The Powerpuff Girls. The old Powerpuff Girls, Buttercup was much tougher n awesome but now she's a softy. Plz bring back our beloved cartoons

  • If thre is something new just let it

    I am a kid and I always watch the cartoons the older cartoons that I still watch I was still in kindergarten sucks when there were new cartoons I liked its more funny than the old ones and also the graphics are even better the only thing you other people don't like new cartoons is because you watched it when you are kid but there's allot of changes over the years so please just let it

  • Charchter personality and backstory

    If you have ever seen newer cartoons, such as we bare bears, there are more backstory then in an entire series of rocko's mordern life.The reason why newer cartoons are better is because it tolerates more things then older cartoons, for example Steven universe which tolerates lesibans.You wouldn't really find any old cartoons that were pc.

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  • Newer cartoons may seem less interesting, because you have grown up.

    Honestly, nostalgia can make cartoons from back then seem more interesting, but if you really think about it, it's because you were younger. Many POPULAR new cartoons actually have interesting plots and well thought out backstories. MOST POPULAR 90s cartoons didn't really have any of this, but were just fun to watch, which is okay.

  • That's a pretty subjective point of view.

    Whenever I hear people complaining about new vs old cartoons it gets pretty deep into the opinion area. Either way both eras had good cartoons. But thinking about it without nostalgia, the current cartoons have a better quality to them. Newer cartoons can have bigger and more complex characters and story arcs that older cartoons could. Excluding cartoons like Regular show, shows like Steven Universe can show us prominent issues. They have important representation of characters of color and different sexualities that older cartoons would never dare to explore. I also find that newer cartoons try to have a meaning behind them without dumbing it down. We don't have the same "cartoons are for children" outlook that we've always seemed to have. Current cartoons will offten and can have an adult audience because current cartoons are made to be like that. Cartoons will continue to grow as time moves on and hopefully continue to get better, because thats a part of life. The longer people work on things the better they will get.

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