• Yes, older Americans are better off than young ones.

    I think older Americans grew up during a time when there were a better set of values and beliefs in terms of being able to take care of themselves and being responsible. I think that younger Americans these days seem to place too much reliance on their parents willingness to help.

  • Yes, in various ways older Americans are better off.

    I feel older Americans are better off in various ways. For one, they have a Social Security set up that they don't need to worry about as much as future generations, who are inheriting a lot of debt. They also have it better in that it may have been easier for them to purchase homes and get by with just one spouse earning a salary. But one of the main ways they have it better is in the wisdom they have picked up during the years. This is the biggest wealth they have, and young people can only get it through experience.

  • The Economy Is Not Good For Young People

    The economy isn't helping younger people. There are fewer jobs.. Because older people are waiting longer to retire, they are making the problem much worse. Older people have longer and more extensive resumes, and they can demand much more by way of pay and health benefits. Young people cannot do that.

  • Stability gained through time

    Earning many marks of American stability take time. Paying off a car, gaining work experience, building credit, and time to complete education are a few examples. Also, the competition the internet has presented in the workplace was not a factor when they got their foot into their industries. They only competed locally, we young bucks compete globally for everything.

  • They took the best.

    Yes, I think that older Americans are better off than younger ones, because older Americans put laws in place that help them, but that leave nothing for the future. Younger Americans will not have social security. They have to pay large amounts of money for health care that they cannot afford, while older people cash large social welfare checks.

  • Yes and no

    Unfortunately, I have to agree, as a young one of this generation, that many young ones, unfortunately, lack wisdom. It's actually kinda sad. So many from a family without a father is also a major cause. It's kinda sad. Growing up with a strong father figure and not having the life anyone should have.

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