Do you think one day science will prove the paranormal (ghosts and spirits) world exists?

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  • Yes but only..

    When science studies more than the physical reality and also the spiritual science of conciousness spirit world etc. Some say they already have proved that spirits exist namely the Scole experiments the scientific community needs to be more open minded and do real science with ''crazy'' subjects like ufos, ghosts, spirits, life after death, reincarnation, out of body experiences, astral travel etc.

  • It will be a while but one day it will be proved

    There are several paranormal investigators out there that do these ghost hunts and video evidence is proving these exist. They even use properties of physics such as temperature and EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) to determine their presents. EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) at certain frequencies and they are able to talk to the spirit. One day scientists will be able to use physics these restless souls do exist on Earth and can interact with us.

  • Yes, because too many people have reported..

    While on earth we exist in both a spiritual and natural world at once, in effect connecting the two. It is the design of God, or a "superior being." For this reason, people have seen, heard etc spirits. Our bodies are made up of energy. Einstein stated that energy "cannot be destroyed" but it can be changed. Therefore when our earthly bodies die our energy survives. This energy goes into another dimension, one that we cannot see. However, that does not mean it does not exist. In fact, Scientists are now saying there are "multiple dimensions." I have seen a deceased spirit and I have tried to rationalize what I experienced. I think that proof of life and death will happen through someone, and the Science world will have no choice but to take notice.

  • At this rate of technological development I expect it by 2030

    Look at how far tech evolved over the years. The iphone and android. Graphics of video games. Thousands if not millions of potential evidence of the supernatural world with the help of machines. I bet by 2030 we will have goggles so we can see dead people like in ghostbusters. Heck, right now we have so much advanced technology we have cameras that captures things in high detail at over billions of frames per second.So yeah. If we can develope technology not even thought possible that fast, then we will have machines that will prove ghosts and the afterlife exist

  • I have suffered a haunting

    My kids were in danger when a ghost terrorized my family. Before this happened I was like everyone else, thought they are fake, just a cool story to tell, but when I moved in a new home I began to have strange feelings about the house. We started hearing foot steps and seeing moving shadows. This was not my imagination and not my family's either. Even visitors had something happen to them. A few months later things got worse as we began hearing voices and seeing things flying around and my daughter got scratched by the ghost. We moved out and our new home is much better but the haunting still bothers us just from the experiences.

    So yes one day science will prove that ghosts do exist but also can hurt people.

  • Yes, but maybe not as we think.

    Science may prove the existence of spirits, and if it does that could also lead to a new religious revolution. However it may also not necessarily prove that spirits exist, but why the unexplained/impossible can occur. A hypothetical example being when someone says they saw someone in the corner of their eye, but when they turned to look it was gone science could prove that it is a gap in between two dimesions.

  • Ghost and spirits are possible

    I have always wondered if there is something that the human eye can't see. Maybe we just didn't notice or don't want to believe it. I myself think there are spirits that aren't living in this world. I have had some experiences that have led me to believe there are ghosts and spirits sharing this world with us.

  • Yes I do think so!

    Well everything in the world involves science so why not try and use science to explain the paranormal activity some of us experience? I have seen many ghost shows and one that I have seen used science to try and explain the paranormal activity. Which I like the most, and I do think that science will eventually explain the ghosts and such and I fully support it.

  • Using basic physics

    Using physics to proves the existence of the unknown is a step towards the goal. Using today's known physics won't give much if any evidence of the paranormal, but in the future when we have more technology to test more ideas it could be possible for science to give some ovidence officials the unknown. After all we have already detected quantum vibrations in the brain, that could be the first evidence of a non material soul

  • If anything, it will prove its not at all paranormal.

    There's a lot to be learned about our universe and possibly even the multiverse. It could simply be random static energy of some kind that just causes things to appear in some way, but has no actual purpose and no coherent thought processses. Like a movie that just plays for a moment that you cannot interact with and is almost meaningless.
    It could also be like a view into an alternate dimension. Scientists need to continue doing research in the natural world. Everything is natural. Even if something seems supernatural, it will turn out to be completely natural. Oh and if you think we'll prove ghosts by 2030, just because "iPhones!", then you should really start reading up on peer reviewed scientific literature about what we actually know now. Candy Crush does not get you proof of ghosts. Yes, technology will help, but to think that all we need is technology, you're mistaken. We need more brilliant minds and more space exploration. We need to test the cosmos to see what's out there. We all are living on a dying planet in a solar system who's Sun will eventually die, in a galaxy that will eventually collide with the Andromada galaxy, inside a universe that will one day use up all of its energy and become cold, dark and lifeless. Yes, that will all take Billions upon billions of years and mankind will have most likely either been wiped out or got their sh*t together and travelled on. I know I may die tomorrow never knowing what may come of us, but I'd like to go knowing we were focusing more on figuring out how to survive as a species for as long as possible with hopes that one day, we will know all the answers to everything. It's doubtful, but it's worth a shot. I'm just tired of humanity being taken advantage of by greedy people who only live for themselves and people on the religious right who stifle science whenever they get a chance. It pains me to know that we could end all poverty if the wealthiest people didn't just sit on their billions of dollars.People die in poverty all over the world who probably never even knew of the existence of black holes or galaxies. To them, their universe is their struggle to find food. It's looking for ghosts that will hinder our advancements. Get back to reality. Do what's right for the people you will never even meet. They will want answers just as much as we want them. Let's try and give them what we never had

  • Not by definition.

    Science is the methodological study of the natural world. It must be testable, verifiable, objective, and falsifiable. Paranormal nonsense like "ghosts" falls under none of these categories.

    "Paranormal investigators" and the like simply like to try and make their efforts "sound sciencey" to give them a thin veneer of respectability that their unsubstantiated claims do not have.

  • It won't because the paranormal world doesn't exist (yet).

    Motivated intelligence (ghosts, spirits with intentions) is something highly complex, which would require anything to be made of. For ghostly remnants of once-living people, this mysterious material would then have to be interacting somehow with ordinary matter (our brains, which I think no one will argue to be the (physical) center of our personality).
    But no such material was found in any physical experiment. Moreover, there are countless high-sensitivity experiments that ruled out any possible material with a sufficient strong interaction with known matter that would be required to create a link between the brain and whatever would make up a ghost.
    So either, ghosts and spirits do not exist, or they don't interact with us at all (and then they also could not be any remnants of the deceased). The "yet" in my headline simply refers to the possibility of creating a simulated environment, in which entities are only programs so, that all physics can be suited the programmers needs. But neither is there any evidence for our world being a simulation, nor do we have the technology to create one (yet).

  • ...But it might prove a paranormal (ghosts and spirits) world does not exist.

    Science has always been the enemy of our superstitious beliefs, our love of the unknown, and our bizarro theories. Here are some related older beliefs that have become unpopular in modern days as science proved them wrong...
    - A bibical 3 level firmament universe
    - Flat Earth, ships sail off the edge of the Earth etc.
    - Moon-men & Martians
    - Loch Ness monster

    You could include Santa Claus in that list, since 200+ years ago the Earths poles were about as foreign to us as the moon or the bottom of the oceans, but unlike ghosts/spirits/sprites/fairies/leprechauns/unicorns I'm not sure any adults have ever considered Santa Claus as real.

  • Ghost is nothing but a negative energy.

    Many say ghost exists , it has so much of power etc.., i can see 65% people who are saying yes to existence of ghosts which clearly means they are filled with negative energy. As said before if ghosts are really present and they are so powerful why dont people die and become ghosts and attain more power than being human beings.

  • Humanity burdened with the fear of death.

    Belief in the paranormal has its origins in the fear of death, of dying and of the dead. "Bad" magic haunts and curses us, so we habitually seek to counterbalance it with "good" magic, the kind which reassures and blesses us. Dispense with hocus pocus. Grow up. Walk through the valley as a man or a woman should, fearlessly, not like sheep in need of a shepherd.

  • Imagination is funny, it makes a cloudy day sunny....

    Ghosts do exist--millions have seen them. However, ghosts are not the spirits of the deceased, but most likely hallucinations (or other stimulation of parts of the brain) often caused by natural or artificial stimulus--infrasound among the most likely causes according to some scientific research. What the brain is capable of when we are supposedly "awake" is not fully understood. Last night I VIVIDLY saw (in color) and heard (even talked to--we even played chess!) a person who has been dead for many years. But I was in bed the complete time--sleeping. If my mind can create such "visions" while asleep, who knows what it can do when awake---especially in this age of "multi-tasking!" There may be "ghosts," but they are not "real," except in the sense that figments of our imagination are real--real figments, but that's all.

  • Um has anyone heard of photoshop?

    I looked at some of the 'proof' and in a lot of it the appearance of the ghost is inconsistent. We are more likely to have discovered unicorns by 2030 than ghosts. And these stories about ghosts ate written to entertain you! There is also sufficient proof that ghost hunter program are completely staged! No scienance will never prove that ghosts exist because they are going to want to spend more time figuring out how to deflect asteroids than how to commune with unhelpful nonexistent beings!

  • Science will never prove the paranormal exists.

    It is clear that paranormal beings, such as ghosts and spirits, are fictional. They are stories that people have invented in order to scare people or to feel better about themselves. Science will never prove the existence of these beings because they are obviously not real and there is nothing to prove.

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CharlesBrandon says2015-08-30T06:06:16.783
I was once a die hard skeptic, until the paranormal decided to make me their poster child. I can PROVE irrefutably the paranormal exists.