Do you think one of the 715 newly discovered planets could hold intelligent life?

  • I believe there could be life out there.

    I feel we should take care of this planet first. I also feel some people have had visions of the future inventions. Look at the series Star Track they had flip phones before cell phones. I just worry about the ozone layer if that wasn’t an issue but it is for me.

  • You think one of the 715 newly discovered planets could hold intelligent life.

    Yes if a planet has all the elements essential to supporting life are present on an Earth sized planet there is a good chance of life taking the same path as on Earth. I thing we can use the rules on how life evolved on Earth as a mathimatical guide on what to expect to evolve as habitats are a powerful force on form. Example oceans are full of fish like life forms in spite of most coming from different ancestors, order and genres. Water makes things have fins, flippers, fins. So it is 99% likely that fish like life forms would appear on another world. On Land there are more variables but some thing seem to crop up time after time. Such as life forms with four limbs and the way things utilize habitats re-occur. I think a mathimatical scale can be drawn up and this could prove that over a period of time in a diverse world intelligent life must arise.

  • Yes, one of the newly discovered planets could have intelligent life.

    I definitely think that one of the 715 newly discovered planets could hold intelligent life. I believe that the possibility of that happening is pretty good. Then again, all those planets could just be full of rocks and dirt. I think people should believe that anything like that is possible.

  • Yes, I think it is possible that intelligent life could be on one of the newly discovered planets

    Yes I believe that it is possible that intelligent life exists on one of the newly discovered planets. If life could form on Earth, then it stands to reason that it could occur elsewhere. While it may not have occurred on one of these planets, when you consider how many trillions of planets are out there, sure it happened somewhere else besides here.

  • Yes, of course

    Many of these new planets are in the habitable zone of the stars that they are orbiting. So, there is a good chance that some of these planets harbor life. Whether it is bacterial life or intelligent life or anything inbetween is another story entirely. But yes, there could be life there.

  • We have a lot to learn.

    Yes, I think that one of the newly discovered planets could hold intelligent life, because we don't know yet. We have not had time to research and gather information about all 715 planets in order to decide whether they might contain life or not. We need time to gather more infromation and see if they could sustain life.

  • The odds say there has to be at least one.

    The first thing I thought when I heard this was "there has got to be life out there!". It's pretty exciting when you realize the odds are really pretty good that at least one of those planets is inhabited by intelligent life. It just doesn't make any sense that earth would be the only planet in all of space where evolution took place.

  • The odds don't look good. At all.

    Considering the extraordinary natural environment we have on Earth, Which is ideal for life to flourish, And which we happen to inhabit, You have to ask that if life is supposedly so common in the universe how come we don't find ourselves on some common old inhospitable rock.
    715 planets? Is that all? Maybe if we had discovered 715 billion planets I might be tempted to say one of them might have something, But whether we could ever detect it is another question.

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