• Organ donation should be mandatory.

    I do not get what the big deal is about organ donation. Once you die, your organs simply rot away. Why not give these organs a chance to save another life. In a way, this actually gives you an afterlife. Your organ lives in another person, therefore a piece of you does to.

  • Yes, organ donation should be mandatory.

    Yes, organ donation should be required of everyone living in the United States. An undamaged organ can help another person live a long and productive life. Refusing to donate an organ is the ultimate selfish act because the dead person has no need for the organ but refuses to give it to someone else who could reap the benefits.

  • Yes, but it will be fought.

    If organ donation were mandatory then more living people would have access to a better quality of life or a longer life without having to wait for so long. It is the right thing to do, but many people would fight this because they are afraid of death and afraid of being mutilated.

  • Your own body.

    A persons body is their own body. It should not be forced upon anyone to give up part of their body if they do not want to. While it would be nice for people who need transplants, it is wrong for people to be forced to give up a part of their body.

  • No it should not

    No, I think that whether or not a person is going to give up their organs after they die is up to them and them only and no one should be made to agree to give up their organs after they are killed. I think that this is not like by many.

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