Do you think Orson Scott Card is a bigot because of his anti-gay views?

Asked by: Speakerfrthedead
  • Sure he is but so what?

    He has a right to anything he wants to say, so yes that makes him a homophobe, but so what he can do what he wants. Also, because of his views he has been financially hit by getting his "Superman" contract cancelled. So with every decision their are consequences. He has chosen to be a homophobe and so readers of his books can choose to support him or not.

  • He's a homophobe,

    And even though I don't like him as a person, but I love his books, so I live with him. I don't agree with him, but he's entitled to his own opinion. I don't get why everyone is so worked up about this, there are many homophobes in the world, why should we get worked up just because this one is famous?

  • Yes, Orson Scott Card is a biggot.

    Orson Scott Card is a big bigot because he hates gay people. Everyone has a right to be gay at anytime they want. Being gay is a civil rights issue. Anyone silently opposing equal rights to another human being is a bigot. Anyone actively opposing it like Orson Scott Card is even worse.

  • An intelligent man.

    Orson Scott Card is an intelligent man. He has created Hugo and Nebula award winning books- Ender's game and speaker for the dead- that are about human empathy and understanding a different culture and race. He is against gay marriage because he has a reason and perhaps some good points. In order to not misinform or mislead, his full article on the matter is here:

  • Jews? Why not?

    Understanding the fact that if Jews are in fact a right stance to society, it is clear to whether or not it is frequently quoted that the Jew and Jewing community would offer such a major stance to contribution tiers. To answer the major viewpoints, a clear understanding is vital.

  • Gays are bigots!

    Gays are bigots, because if someone doesn't agree with their personal sexual life style, they'll make a big deal out of it.
    You know if somebody told me I was wrong because of what I wrote here, it wouldn't upset me, because I KNOW I AM RIGHT, BECAUSE GOD IS RIGHT, and He made ADAM AND EVE, not Adam and Steve.
    How did God make people? Either you are born a male or female. He is our Creator. It's not up to us how God designed the Universe and everything in it. He's the One in charge.
    God even created all the good food we eat, gave us parents, brothers, sisters and friends, and endowed each of with special abilities.
    Everyday we partake of something delicious. All of this was given to us by a God Who loves us. Each of us knows someone who loves us (there is a difference between love and lust. Love is NOT A FEELING. It is caring for the needs of someone else, not what you feel about that person. Lust is that physical desire based on a physical stimulus. ) I'm talking about a loving mother, a grandmother who wants nothing but the best for you. Someone who "really" loves you. What if this person labored all day preparing you a big feast. Maybe she cooked a roast, seasoned in her own way, she peeled chopped and boiled potatoes for those home-whipped potatoes you love so much, topped with creamy homemade gravy, accompanied with your favorite vegetable, and a homemade pie with homemade whipped cream. And out of the kindness of her heart she placed all that food in front of you, not just to feed you, but in her own way to show you how much she loves you, would you sit down and just start feeding your face, gorge yourself, and when you were finally done get up walk away and not even acknowledge this person, not even say anything to her at all.
    That's the way we treat God, when we see the way He has made things, and instead of partaking of all He has so generously given us, we walk away from Him, sometimes even laugh at Him, your Creator, and think we can do better than Him.
    Someday each of us has to leave this world. Whose side are you on

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