• 50/50 but a tuff one to call

    He did kill her yes of course but I believe it was a case of mistaken identity. Reeva (god bless her) could of ran out the door if she believed her life was in danger. At the end of the day we will never know but did the prosecution prove beyond reasonable doubt that he knew it was her in the bathroom. No

  • Yes, he failed the 'reasonable man' test

    Reeva was not hit by a bullet to the brain first, hence rendering her unable to scream. The ballistics expert showed that she was hit in the hip first. She would have most definitely screamed. Not only that, the succession of bullets was not in a double tap eg band bang bang bang. Rather, the four bullets went like this, bang, then a pause, then bang, bang, bang, giving him time to not only hear her but align himself from where her voice was coming to finish the job. In law, a person has to be able to pass the Reasonable Man test. This is simply what would a reasonable person do in the same situation. Every reasonable person would check on their loved one first, especially being right next to them, for the very reason so a tragedy like this doesn't happen, so you don't end up shooting them. Everyone on here who has said they came close to this happening to them, or those cases where this has indeed legitimately happened eg case where father shot daughter, passed the reasonable man test. Lastly, many ppl on here try to validate his actions by saying he had a heightened sense of fear. The appeals judge summed it up perfectly when he said 'there was only one person scared that night, and it wasn't Oscar Pistorious'.

  • He intentionally murdered her

    His profile. He has a narcissistic sociopathic personality, with a jealous temper and a dangerous passion for guns as he deeply lacks of confidence and does not feel a real man because he is an amputee.

    His gun is a symbol of his masculinity, probably he has also sexual problems and needs extra help (the herbal viagra next to his bed) to perform if any. Probably he got very upset when he got news that she saw his exboyfriend recently and I think also he was exasperated by her because she was such a lovely intelligent woman and he felt too dark compared to her, too low in many ways and deeply envy her, she was too good for him, he grew tired of feeling not in control, jealous, insecured, and when the arguments began, probably she wanted to leave the house, he maybe hit her, she got in panick but screamed for help, he got the gun to silence her but it became worst because she run to the toilet to call for help and he had to kill her to save his reputation, he ultimately thought he is untoachable because a national sport hero in his country, so he did not care much about the crime itself, he tought he could be off easily, he was wrong!

  • "I've thrown Tantrums"

    YES - He murdered RS in cold blood! He called a friend first for advice & was told "say it was an accident and you thought she was a burglar" Given the high crime rate, he thought this would get him from being charged. WRONG. His details didn't add up. He tampered with the crime scene & didn't get a chance to manipulate evidence how he needed to. Like the prosecutor said, the only way RS could've been shot in the right hip was because she was standing up FACING the LOCKED door & arguing with OP. When he went to get his gun, he would have woke her and told her "get down here & call the police. He says he was SCREAMING at the people in the bathroom - but yet, even though we know it was RS - she didn't answer ONCE with "Oscar, it's ME, Reeva!!" ?? This does NOT make sense. The pantlegs being turned inside out show the pants were TORN off her by OP. He draped them over the stereo to cover a blue light that was keeping him from sleeping? Excuse me, but when you lay down you CLOSE YOUR EYES and you see NOTHING, so this makes no sense!!!]. The neighbors heard a FEMALE screaming, but he wants to say it was HIM screaming and he sounds like a FEMALE? Puh-leeeze. He washed his hands after police arrived. He said he "sat there with RS 'in his arms' for quite some time in the toilet" Why? Because he had to MAKE SURE she did not live! If she had, she would've told the police everything & he would've been charged. First he said she was "dead" then he said that he felt her breathing. Why the delay? Again, he couldn't allow her to survive. The use of the bat was a cover as he had struck her with it - and if disclosed that RS had been struck with the bat, he'd "it must've happened when I was trying to break down the door." He went TOWARDS the perceived danger - not FROM it. He should've got his gun, woken RS, said "let's get out of here" and left the bedroom. Did he do this? NO. Why? Watch his face when people testify & you can see him gritting his jaw. He has anger issues. It is CLEAR that he murdered RS, and it is CLEAR that he tried to creat a scenario that he THOUGHT would vindicate him for the shooting. But under S.A. Law, firing shots blindly through a closed door without seeing who is on the other side will get him, at the LEAST - a conviction of negligent homicide. And he knows this. That is why he is making statements about "I told that to my counsel mi-lady" and "I don't know why they didn't include that in my statement mi-lady" - he is CLEARLY attempting to lay groundwork for an APPEAL for ineffective assistance of counsel.

  • Yes, it does not seem like an accident.

    Yes, the murder of Reeva Steencamp seems to be intentional. Perhaps Pistorius did not have pre-meditated intentions of killing her that night, and his actions may have been in the heat of the moment, but his story about thinking that there was an intruder in his bathroom does not sound believable.

  • In a rage.

    Yes, I think that Oscar Pistorious intentionally murdered his girlfriend, because he got news earlier that he thought his girlfriend was cheating on him. Pistorious had some paranoia, and he also was dealing well with his new found fame. He got upset and he killed her, and he is trying to get away with it.

  • He murdered her.

    Yes, Oscar Pistorius murdered his girlfriend. There were people that heard her scream as it was going on, it doesn't make sense for him to shoot into the bathroom at robbers when he hadn't seen them and she was in the house. He also is said to have a jealous side and bad temper at times.

  • Pistorius intentionally murdered his girlfriend.

    The evidence is overwhelming in this case, and all of that evidence has been fully and effectively submitted for the public's perusal. Pistorius was angry and disheveled when he fired that weapon, and several neighbors heard an argument take place through the walls beforehand. There is no doubt that he will be convicted.

  • No, When it comes to a city such as where he lives.

    Crime is horribly high there, One of the highest in the world and people are scared and some, Paranoid. In the dark and being woken up from sleep, One isn't thinking straight like how one would normally. With a disability, He would've felt more vulnerable. Even if she had shouted for him to stop shooting, He wouldn't have been able to hear it due to the sound of the firearm discharging and causing his hearing to be compromised significantly. People do lock the doors to the bathroom/toilet even after being together for years, What more when it's a new relationship. It is truly unfortunate and tragic what happened to both parties.

  • No, because of he is a man with no leg in a country full of robbery.

    He is a rich man and there is a crime in his house much time. He is sure for 100% that Reeva was on the bad. There is a short time that he bring the fan. He saw the toilet window was opened. A rich man with no leg think that it can't be Reeva it should be an intruder.

  • No, It must have been agony to realize what he had done.

    He put too much faith in guns & didn't rationally if his heart was racing too fast. If only his a/c had been repaired & Reeva had not needed to open the window. He overreacted to perceived danger because he was a double amputee. The adrenaline kicked in fight or flight response. I don't believe he kbew it was Reeva behind the locked door. OP was a ticking time bomb without proper surveillance.

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