• He is guilty.

    All the vomiting, at the scene of the crime and, especially in court, is clearly someone who can't stand the sight of blood or vomits, due to anxiety. As a Nurse, I've seen this reaction severally times and even, experienced someone passing out. Clearly for me he is guilty because his actions don't make sense. He never asked Reeva "did you hear a noise"? He says he is deathly afraid of being assaulted and points to multiple past incidents of being a victim of a crime, including an incident on a highway where he had to pull his car off the road because of someone brandishing a gun at him. He told the Prosecutor Nel that he was so shook up that he had to have a friend pick him up and he left his car in a parking lot for the night. On Cross, he couldn't remember who picked him up. Who wouldn't remember who picked them up and brought them home? The bottom line for me, is that Oscar would have the Court believe that he so frightened about intruders due to incidents such as this, that he acted irrationally. If he was so afraid, why didn't he grab Reeva by the hand and exit the bedroom door near the the stairwell and get safely outside. In other words, flee the danger, not go towards it. A frightened person would run away , not go towards it and be yelling all the way down the hall to announce where he is, to give the intruder time to find him and shoot him. Who would announce themselves, rather than quietly approach the door and listen to see if someone was truly in there. In fact, Oscar, instead, says he was yelling, all the way down the hall, in a high pitched voice like a woman, to account for why people heard a female screaming. All a huge, unbelievable fairy tale that wouldn't be necessary if he was innocent.

  • Guilty as charged

    Pistorius is only putting on this act that he displays in court, because he fears what will happen to him. He fears that he will no longer be South Africa's leading light. He fears that his good boy persona is about to dissipate. He fears that he will get life in prison he doesn't care about Reeva and there is multiple evidence suggesting that they're relationship was unstable. Sure, he's sorry now. But no one can bring back Reeva with a flimsy apology. No one should believe the retching and sobbing. It's all an act. He's all for himself. And the thing that Pistorius wants more than anything, is not to be charged for Reevas death. Whether or not he was in the right mind he still shot and killed her.

  • OP's Vacillating testimony

    The inconsistencies in his testimony reveal a very confused, emotional and highly reactive individual. For a person who has overcome a significant physical handicap, he never developed a strong personality.
    Spoiled and misled in his upbringing, "Ozzie" needed to train his psyche more than his physique. Poor Reeva, sorry for her parents.

  • Act of rage

    There are no jury in SA. It is ultimately the judge's decision with the help from two officials.
    I don't believe the sick buckets and the wretching are genuine. He is throwing up because he is petrified that no-one believes his story. Far too many flaws and absolutely no reason at all for neighbours who didn't personally know him to lie.
    I also believe his ex girlfriend's event of the shooting through the sunroof. The driver's story was similar but changed enough to make himself look as though he didn't appreciate what had just happened, when he probably DID think it was funny.
    Egotistical and trigger happy. If Oscar was fetching the fans in, Reeva wouldn't have sneaked silently out of the bed to use the toilet, she would have spoken. With only a minute bit of urine in her bladder, she must have just relieved herself. Her shorts were pulled up. No-one has mentioned whether the toilet had been flushed or not.
    None of his account rings true to me. I hope Reeva gets justice and her poor mother can know the truth.
    However, I do agree that it smacks of OJ Simpson and he could walk free.
    RIP Reeva.

  • No doubt about it!

    If he can lye about so many of the other offenses and he can remember such detail about other things such as when he got shot at on the highway and he can remember where he went but can't remember who the heck picked him up come on. I just don't believe it and yes I feel that he puts the blame on everyone else. His defense team and his friends coming up with a conspiracy to lye about him shooting out of the sunroof. Can't believe a word he says.

  • Rage, Jealousy, Entitled

    This "golden boy," like many famous people, thought he could do anything he wanted. He admits he "loved" Miss Steenkamp more than she cared for him. His abuse of and obsession with guns is well-documented. He was enraged during the protracted argument with her following his jealousy of another man at a party. The argument and subsequent screams were so loud the neighbors heard it. His lame story is not credible.

  • Sense of entitlement

    I believe he has developed a sense of entitlement through fame, believes he can live above the law, shooting his gun whenever he likes, as demonstrated before. He is also a control freak, and jealous of her every move. I do not believe he could not know whether she was next to him in bed.

  • Deliberate Intent To Kill

    An intruder in a rest-room is trapped and a 'sitting duck' behind the closed door to someone outside the door armed with a gun . A loud shout to surrender, and if necessary a frightening warning shot to the top or bottom of the door, would have had the terrifying effect of someone pleading and screaming for mercy from inside the toilet. A fatal injury would most likely been averted, or exonerated by one shot only, and the defendant would have saved a soul from death and cured him of ever breaking in again; and the defendant would have the admiration of society for courage and discretion.

  • He's guilty but he will get off

    Without a doubt this man is guilty and I can't believe how many supporters he has. The evidence is pointing directly at him. Shades of OJ Simpson here...The public have been fooled by his public persona. Think the vomit bucket at his feet each day is meant to drum up sympathy.

  • YES he's guilty 100%

    If we are to believe his version why did he not wake Reeva & ask her to ring for security, also why could he not of shouted to the so call intruder first & warn he had a gun, even then he could of fired a warning shot first. Also I have never heard of an intruder who enters a house without a ladder etc to the first floor,& hides in a toilet, when there are two cars parked in the drive, wouldn't they enter the ground floor first.
    He killed her & made the story up, also three different people heard screams if it was a mistake surely after the first scream he would of stopped shooting NOT carried on, also carrying her down the stairs was his way of trying to make it look more like it was an accident, I do not believe any of it, God Bless poor Reeva

  • The Big Q between OP & RS

    1. FACT - Pistorius received numerous threats previous to shooting by ex-lovers & obsessed "fans" (had a black eye, ordered guns, made police report about threats)
    2. If there was any fear by Reeva due to a heated argument / fight she would not have put herself in a locked-up closed bedroom with him.
    3. The actions/inactions of the two are so likely of somebody in serious danger; a panic state; or in real threat (especially with the vulnerability of having no feet or legs)
    4. OP's story does not change or waiver it was immediate/instant not thought about, etc. it's not how a raging killer would act. OP would have fled or at least blamed the intruder for the shooting.
    5. Olympic athletes have extraordinary measures of self control and mental discipline they don't just fly off the handle like the average person. He is not led by futile "feelings" or emotions.

    One more? HE NOW HATES GUNS, He is scared of them, he lost all desire to have one. A gun ruined his life and took his lover. That's a huge indicator. People who kill with rage still love guns maybe even more! (Oh yeah he really does sound like woman just listen to him cry!)

  • Its hard to know either way.

    I don't believe any of us can know 100% either way if he is guilty or not. There is no hard evidence proving it either way. I personally believe he is a person who has an anxiety disorder and also has a love of gun. He lives in a country where people do carry guns and its for that reason that I believe him when he says that once he heard a noise he went towards the sound and shot.

    The hardest thing to accept is that he didn't notice her not in bed. But again, this is not an impossibility.

    The sad thing this is that no one knows the answer apart from him, and at the end of the day someone has needlessly lost her life.

  • Too many contradictions

    This will always be on of those cases where no one will ever know the truth. There were too many contradictions between defence and prosecution to rule a definitive verdict. I think one thing is for certain yes he killed her but i think you can see it deeply affected him. It's such a shame whether accident or not two people with such promising futurres have come to an end as they know it, One unfortunately dead.

  • Ability to change mind

    When I first heard testimony I thought he was guilty. After pistorius took the stand, I believed he was innocent. It was clear to me that nel was setting a trap in his questions through the manipulation of words and logic. This has been analysed in detail. I will get web refernce if anyone interested. Pistorius spotted the manipulations and for his trouble was called argumentative etc. Some key questions and answers. Who wakes up at three o clock and gets into a screaming argument with their girlfriend? - no none. Answer - he didn't ask reeva if she heard a noise because he believed it may be seconds before the intruder entered the bedroom- no time for discussion -time for action. If you think someone on the other side of the door may have a gun - are you going to wait for them to shoot first? Exact same thing happened before - guy shot his wife through closed bathroom door thinking intruder and he got off scot free in SA.

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