Do you think Oscar Pistorius mistook his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, for an intruder when he shot her?

  • The way I immediately saw it....

    It was a tragic case of mistaken identity all round. Reeva was in the toilet when Oscar got up to close the windows onto the balcony. He heard her in the toilet, screamed for her to call the police, grabbed his gun and walked on his stumps toward the bathroom, still screaming , to the intruder to get out. Reeva in the dark also had no idea WHERE that intruder was. To her he could have been hiding in the bedroom having come in whilst the window balcony doors were open. So she did the sensible thing. She locked the toilet door and stayed as quiet as a mouse. She had NO IDEA that Oscar was aiming at her door. That is why she did not reply to him.
    As for faking remorse in court. I am a professional actor. No actor Ihave ever known can vomit to order.

  • He didn't know reeva was behind the door

    Course he did, there was no evidence why he would randomly shoot his beautiful girlfriend in the middle of the night, he was not and is not a killer, he was a scared and traumatised individual that took the first action he thought of, rash as it was and shot at the door to scare the intruder.

  • He is no fool

    Yes, the man is not a fool. Why would he shoot through the door? Bash the door down with a cricket bat and then beat the life out of her or simply keep her in the toilet and starve her to death! Stupid people think he is as stupid as they are.

  • A sad mistake

    If he was such a bad person, why would Reeva be with him and go to his house? Who forced her to go spend valentines day with him? She does not strike me as a woman who would be with a man that she was afraid of or did not want to be with. She went there because they were in a normal happy relationship. People trying to discredit his personality. To be the sportsman he became, takes a DEDICATED, DISCIPLINED and COMMITTED person. The picture of an aggressive, loose cannon type of guy people try to make him out to be, would NEVER become a world class athlete! Reeva was a GUEST in HIS home, why did she NOT put the lights on when she went to the toilet, I personally believe she used her cellphone as a light to go to the toilet, I have done this when I am in a place I am NOT familiar with and not to wake my partner up. South Africa is a crime ridden country, people being attacked and killed in their own homes is NOT an unusual occurrence. NOT GUILTY IS MY VERDICT!

  • Didn't intentionally shot Reeva

    I don't understand all the argument suggesting that Pistorius is changing his story? I have watched every last bit of the trial from beginning to current day and he explains the same every time. Nel is causing the confusion by twisting words and putting things forward that Pistorius never said. I honestly do believe that it was a horrendous accident and the version that pistorius puts across is completely plausible in my opinion.

  • I think his story is honest.

    He has stuck to his version from day 1. I do not believe he would have had enough time or emotional energy, given that his girlfriend died in his arms to come up with a fake story. His story has never waivered or faltered. He gave a full affidavit up front and is prepared to take the stand in order to speak his truth although legally this might not benefit him. In spite of his obvious remorse and emotional distress, accident or no accident, he has to live with the fact that he took this precious life.

  • I think it was a accident

    He has to much sorrow to have done it on purpose . I prob would have done the same thing . I would have been scared to death , I feel sorry for everyone in involved and I really hope they can get peace . I think he's innocent .

  • It was a tragic mistake!

    I believe Oscar. He made a tragic, terrible mistake when he feared for his life. I don't know how I would act if I ever found myself in a situation like that and I hope I never will. So I give him a benefit of the doubt and a chance to prove he is innocent of actually deliberately killing Reeva.

  • I think it was just a terrible mistake

    If I was in the same position of Oscar Pistorius that night I too would have been frightened for my life, Him and Reevna Steenkamp were only together for 3 months, how could you be so passionate or so hateful towards someone to murder them or be that jealous to kill someone? Also all claims of an argument have been proved untrue as it was tested to be impossible for anyone to hear arguments, and many witness' claiming they heard screams also could not have heard screams from a women as it was proved impossible.

  • I can't hear you! :(

    I don't see why he didn't call out her name....Knocked on bathroom door for Reeva!? I cannot see why he thinks she was a burglar. But who know's she might have been knocked out or dead and the shots done immediately after to make it look like he wanted. He should have got more than 5 years max....I think 20 years minimum!!

  • He simply must have known Reeva was in that cubicle.

    Whilst the prosecution could not prove beyond all reasonable doubt (as required by law) that OP knew it was Reeva in there, common sense and reason suggests he simply must have known. His story is so utterly implausible as to border on the ridiculous. He never saw or heard her get up even though she would have walked right past him? She took her phone with her but ne never saw the light from it? He heard a noise in the toilet, and automatically assumed it was an intruder rather than his partner gone to the loo which is 99.999% more likely? He didnt speak to her before getting his gun and approaching the door? He retrieved his gun from the bedside, but didnt notice she wasnt in it? He calls out "who's in there" and Reeva doesn't answer? He's screaming about an intruder in the toilet and she makes not a single sound to let him know it's her? The first shot hits her in the thigh and she doesn't scream? She remains totally silent as he pumps 4 bullets into her? And why anyway would anyone take their phone to the toilet at 2am and why would they lock themselves in? The entire story is ludicrous. But since there are no witnesses the prosecution cannot prove otherwise. But anyone with an ounce of logic will find it almost impossible to believe his version.

  • His story has too many discrepancies and obvious lies.

    Reeva had injuries that were unlikely to have been caused when he shot her through the toilet door, such as bruises to her shin, a raw left nipple, a bruise on her right buttock and two oval shaped contusions on her spine. Pistorius is clearly a highly aggressive individual who lacks normal control over his actions. He has proved he is a danger to others. He should be in jail.

  • He killed her in a rage.

    He yelled for the intruder to get the fuck out of his house Reeve would have responded by letting him know that its her in the toilet she would have not kept quiet. She would have screamed when the first bullet was fired why would she not especially given a fact that she is a woman.Oscar is a pathetic liar he needs to go and rot in jail.

  • No doubt he is guilty of Murder

    No one will remain quiet when gun shots are fired at you. You scream naturally. So when he fired the first shot she would have obviously screamed, but he went on to shoot 4 shots, No doubt he is guilty of murder. He can lie to the world but he cannot lie to God... Who knows what he did.

  • Guilty full stop.

    Have you noticed how he turns his back on the prosecutor when he's speaking, as if to say how I hate you. The fact is he knows the prosecutor is speaking the truth and it scares the hell out of him. It's obvious he and Reeva rowed violently she thought she was safe in the toilet poor girl, what a dreadful death.

  • Why would she lock the bathroom door?

    His story is a lie. Who locks the bathroom door when they are in the house alone with their partner? No one. Someone locking themselves in the bathroom with their phone is someone afraid and ready to call for help. He is a volatile narcissist who just lost it. Poor girl.

  • He killed her.

    Anyone with a little bit of brain should doubt his innocence. With making sure that person inside is not his wife, he will not shoot if his innocent. I think it is premeditated or instant reaction to kill her. All his side of story is made up. Lawyers, Use your brains and don't let him go free.

  • Why didn't she answer back?

    Oscar saying to Reeva to call the cops but she didn't answer back. When someone calls your name you would answer it, why didn't she answer him either saying " I can't I'm in the toilet" what so ever. Oscar yelling at the so called intruder to get out of the toilet again why didn't she answer? It doesn't make sense, it's suspicious. He intentionally murdered Reeva. They must of had and argument he grabbed out his gun as Reeva tried to lock her self in the bathroom so she wouldn't get shot she thought it would be say inside there, but obviously she wasn't. In those sort of lines that's what I predict happened...Then the day at court, oscar in sorrow he probably felt so guilty that he killed her, he probably realised what he got himself into, what he probably has to live with for the rest of his life. That's my opinion.

  • Reeva not deaf

    When something bothers me or goes bump in the Night, the first thing I do is to touch my husband and ask him if he heard the same noise. I will say "What was that - did you hear that noise honey?" I sure wouldn't grab a gun and go shooting it off until I knew where my partner was. The other thing is, he probably heard Reeva trying to escape via the toilet window and just opened fire. Yes, I think he is a bit remorseful but that won't help Reeva's poor Dad or friend and it won't bring her back sadly. Let justice prevail. No more goody two shoes.

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