• OSHA is focused on the wrong things

    OSHA is focused on the wrong things. This will be hard to change because the organization is run by life long politicians and they do not know how to change the way a group does business. Even though it is obvious to most people that they need to change directions, they do not see that.

  • OSHA needs to broaden it's awareness.

    OSHA, the "Occupational Safety and Health Administration" does a good job of making factories safe by eliminating or reducing hazards to employees. But what about the emotional hazards of working in a factory? How many people have been fired after getting injured because it was deemed they committed an unsafe act? How many of those injuries were really due to emotional harassment by a supervisor?

  • No, OSHA has a clear and appropriate focus

    OSHA has played a critical role in improving employee safety through the administration of regulations, enforcement actions, and education. OSHA has prioritized safety concerns through the analysis of annual injury/illness reports, accident reviews, and scientific research. The agency has focused on practices that have been shown to result in accidents, injuries, and exposures. They can't, and shouldn't, be held responsible for every aspect of the work environment. Employers, employees, and other agencies have a shared responsibility for maintaining proper work environments and identifying threats. OSHA's focus is clear and appropriate.

  • No, I don't think OSHA is focusing on the wrong threats.

    I think OSHA focuses on the threats that their data says are the most pressing issues in the workplace today, I don't think OSHA would be dedicating their resources and personal focusing on issues that weren't really issues at all, I think OSHA focuses on the issues that effect the most workers.

  • Most is good

    The scope and significance of OSHA should not be understated, so to find missing pieces to the puzzles of protection is probably quite easy. At the same time there has been significant literature and research done on professions to have enough knowledge about what risks pose enough of a threat to protect against.

  • OSHA's must prioritize threats.

    OSHA is taxed with a lot of regulatory duties. It is nearly impossible for it to focus on everything equally. It is, therefore, necessary for threats to be prioritized. At the top of those threats is, of course, safety. Currently, the majority of OSHA's top concerns do pertain to safety, so OSHA is, for the most part, focusing aptly.

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