• Oh yes they do

    Yes, They help with keeping employees healthy and safe. They make companies label hazardous materials that could harm the person and have MS Data Sheets that tell you what to do in case of an emergency with certain products that could harm, hurt or even cause an explosion to kill all the employees.

  • Yes, OSHA regulations help workers

    Many of the OSHA regulations provide a benefit to workers by creating a safer work environment. That does not mean that all OSHA regulations are necessary. But what it does mean is that workers know OSHA is watching and the rules need to be followed to create a safer workplace.

  • Ultimately, OSHA regulations are a good thing

    Though many owners and small time contractors will explain their woes with OSHA's at times very strict regulations, at the end of the day these regulations are beneficial to all the construction workers out there to ensure a safe place to work, and a peace of mind that is necessary with such dangerous jobs.

  • No, regulations don't help

    I don't think that the OSHA regulations help workers. I do not think that regulations ever help workers. Without regulations, the economy would have more room to grow and thrive. As a result, the workers would be better off. Many workers should realize this and not accept all of these regulations.

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