• Our animal conservation laws are currently suffcient.

    I believe the first priority of human beings should be the welfare of our own species. To ensure this I understand there to be a need for ecological balance; thus making the conservation and protection of animals that help maintain a balanced ecosystem necessary. I understand there are areas where there could work could possibly be done, but by and far we have done a great job in advancing as a society with the thought of animals in mind.

  • Yes, our current animal conservation laws are good.

    The Endangered Species Act, which made it a criminal offense to kill an animal listed as endangered in the United States, has helped to protect many species from extinction. In the 40 year history of the act, it has enabled 56 species to be delisted (meaning that the species population recovered to the point that they were no longer endangered). It is hard to imagine tha anyone would say this is not a good outcome.

  • Some Animals still need help.

    Wolves should not have been delisted. There is no scientific evidence that wolves are safe. The government should ban hunting; it is very cruel. Also, people who kill an endangered species should have a much tougher sentence. We need to create more national parks to save our rich variety of flora and fauna.

  • No, there is a lot of illegal activity.

    There is definitely a lot of illegal activity going on in the world of animal hunting and fish and game. We should have harsher laws in terms of the punishments of illegal killings and much stricter regulations so that animal conservation is a top priority of our environment in this world.

  • No, they should be strengthened

    Our current animal conservation laws are headed in the right
    direction, but they are not quite strong enough. Currently, animal protection
    groups frequently have to fight long and costly court battles to protect habitat.
    Better laws would force developers to fight to develop, instead. Let them bear the
    burden if they wish to read a profit by destroying habitat animals need to

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