Do you think our government is equipped to handle computer warfare battles against hackers?

  • Yes, I do.

    I think the United States is the most equipped to handle any form of computer warfare. The reason for this is because we still lead the world in science and technology, contrary to popular belief. Our defensive capabilities are still far and away the best. The Chinese are slowly closing the gap, though.

  • Yes, but only up to a point.

    I think that officials in the United States are well aware of the possibility of hackers really doing damage to our systems and performing acts of computer terrorism. They have good people working on the issue and I think they are doing a lot but there could come a point where the hackers outsmart the so called experts.

  • Yes, our governemt is equipped to handle computer warfare battles against hackers.

    On the surface the government appears confident in their ability to handle a situation involving hacker warfare. As far as technology goes, the government is usually more advanced than they let know. Beyond the fact that they're probably already competent at being able to stop hackers, they could source plenty of non-governmental hackers in the US to come to their aid.

  • Government is Not Capable

    In my opinion, the US government should not be held responsible for all warfare battles. I believe that there should be highly trained computer programmers who will help to protect against these hackers. The government should not regulate this. I do not believe the government is equipped because the technology is not as prevalent in government workers.

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GWL-CPA says2014-03-08T02:22:43.550
What computer warfare battles? You are delusional.

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