• They provide an alternate view.

    Outsider politics will always have a place. The main political parties policies tend to stay the same over time, and often there are very small differences between their opinions. People are always looking for a new alternative opinion to latch on to. Outsiders can provide this, and give people something new to vote for and a new hope.

  • It will always be the case

    Although it can be argued that outsider politics are dividing and breaking up the major parties, it is not a new phenomenon. In fact, parties that exist outside of or even as extreme examples of the current two major parties have always existed and should continue to exist because this country has the freedom to allow for it.

  • Outsiders are here to stay

    Outsiders are here to stay in politics because the public is tired of the same old politicians just wanting to collect a check in Washington. Ted Cruz is an outsider and both establishment democrats and republicans would like to see him gone because he really wants to change things up in Washington.

  • Who is an outsider?

    No, I do not think that outsider politics are here to stay, because the insiders are stronger than ever. Obama was practically raised to be the president and anointed by his party. When someone becomes a senator or congressman, they will likely serve for decades, and all of them are millionaires by the time they are done.

  • No I Don't

    I do not think outsider politics are here to stay. I believe, by definition, that they are supported by the fringe group that finds outsider politics helpful. I don't think we're locked into this way of doing things. I believe there is potential for a big change in the political arena.

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