• Yes, I think Ozzy Osbourne should return to reality TV.

    I thought the Osbourne's was an entertaining show when it was aired on television. A remake of the show with maybe some extra people brought on could be something entertaining to watch as long as Ozzy Osbourne puts the effort in to be entertaining for the people that tune in.

  • Yes, i think it would be great

    I think they should have one more season of the show. It was a great one. I doubt that is how Ozzy really acts,but its still a funny show. I think one more season, like a last hurrah, would be fine for everyone to see them one more time. I know i would love it.

  • I Loved His Show

    I believe the reality show featuring Ozzy Osbourne and his family was brilliant and I certainly could have watched it for more seasons. I would love to see Ozzy Osbourne return to TV in a reality format or maybe even in another way. I believe people enjoyed watching him and he was very entertaining.

  • Ozzy is ill

    Ozzy Osbourne is mentally ill. All of his alcohol usage and the drugs he was on have given him brain damage. Laughing at how ridiculous he is because he has brain damage is ethically wrong, so it would not be an advisable idea to put Ozzy back on reality television.

  • His Health Seems Off

    I know Ozzy Osbourne is getting old, but that is not the problem I have with him returning to TV. He is hard to understand and seems to have a hard to time communicating his thoughts. He lived a very active lifestyle to say the least. He was very hard on his body and I just do not think his mind works the way it used to.

  • Give Someone Else a Chance

    Ozzy Osbourne is old, washed up and needs to stick to retirement. Reality television has already seen its fair share of dysfunctional families like the Kardashians and the Hogans, so the Osbournes don't need to come back. Perhaps the patriarch can do something with regards to getting his band back together, because that would be the only appealing show for Osbourne's fans who are now in their 50s. Younger audiences don't want him back at all.

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