Do you think parents are the biggest hypocrites in the world?

Asked by: SegBeg
  • Yes they are

    Yes, they are, and if you point this out, they will often say, "Do what I say, not what I do." However, a good counter is the old, "Practice what you preach." But be warned that talking back to your parent may result in punishment. It's unfair that they lord it over their children when their children have a legitimate grievance. Be aware, being a parent doesn't make you God. Don't hold others accountable when you do the same thing you are abhorring.

  • Yomoma sucks ciggies

    Sure, they are hypocrites, I agree; but they are to benefit you and hinder yourself from falling into place of bad habits. Your dad's probably a smoker, but he doesn't want you to become one and be like him. So yeah hduwhefiuwhfhwfehw hweifuh weiu wefiwhefiu whiqhwdidu hpiquhfqf qe fuhqeu feqf u

  • Sometimes they are.

    I know my mum is. Parents are the biggest hypocrites in the world. They tell you what not to do and then they go and do the exact same thing. For instance, my mum hates it when I leave my plates everywhere when I'm done with them and she will scream her head off but she does it herself and when she does, it is no problem. She nibbles on my chocolate all the time and the second one nibbles on hers she's as angry as hell and acts like she has the right to take my chocolate without MY permission. The only time it is acceptable is when it is something only adults are allowed to do such as drink. But other than that, if your parents tell you not to do something and they go and do the exact same thing, that is pure hypocrisy!!!

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