• Sure, why not.

    I do not even know why Paris Hilton is famous. I guess because her father is wealthy and owns a bunch of garbage hotels? Seems she built her career largely on her own, even if she did have a nice launching pad to begin with. Fame is fame. Who cares.

  • Because She’s EVIL

    Her influence upon society is unbelievably evil. She is that typical “Mean Girl” from the Mean Girls movie. She doesn’t have any respect for “common” people— just like her friend, Donald Trump doesn’t. She (just like most people with “money” and “power” in this wretched species called the human race) thinks she’s God on earth. . . As if she created the universe and the earth and the stars and everyone around her. She’s unbelievably racist and homophobic — she acts like she isn’t for the sake of being “worshiped” and for the sake of people continually staying/working at her hotels (many blacks in America work at the Hilton). She hinders and harms other artists— especially those that are trying to bring some type of peace to the world with their talent/skill. She (and a large group of other “elite” [collectively WHITE/HETEROSEXUAL] people) thinks that she should define what some does, Says, Or expresses through their art and how famous they can get. She isn’t the only one like this in America: random people with a lot of money that you don’t even know about manipulating the “lesser thans”. She’s also a lying two-faced hypocrite so nobody who believes in trust should be around her. Her influence (and Kim KarTRASHian’s) has influenced innocent girls to become absolutely evil, Narcissistic, Stupid, Egotistical, And act like life is all about abusing other people/acting like you’re the centre of the universe at the expense of everyone else. She needs to experience her own karma. . . Because she believes that if she does something “good”, It’ll cancel out all of the BAD that she’s done (even if she literally happened to murder someone — she’s that evil).

  • Nope nope nope

    She's a piece of shit slut that deserves nothing more than a cardboard box. Her voice is hideous she isn't good looking and she thinks she has the world eating out of the palm of her hand. People like her need to go out and realize what it is to work for something not just to be given everything your whole life. She is a worthless piece of ass that probably isn't even a good piece of ass.

  • She slept her way to the top just like Kim Kardashian

    The only reason you've heard of her was because of her sex tape. And wasn't even good! Pathetic. She is a hack and a spoiled brat. She is the absolute worst role model any little girl could ever have and her legacy should be forgotten just like her sex tape.

  • No, Paris Hilton doesn't deserve her fame.

    Paris Hilton doesn't deserve her fame. She was basically born to a famous family, and thus was born into fame. She has a unique persona, including being ditsy and coining the term "That's hot," and that has possibly been what has made her what she is today. But, she can't really act or sing, so she doesn't really deserve her fame.

  • No She Doesn't

    I do not believe Paris Hilton deserves her fame. Paris Hilton is mostly known for her sex tape, but she's given acting a chance since then and it's obvious she has zero talent in that category. Given the one and only thing she's been in that is actually of any value is porn and the only explanation for her popularity is her lifestyle, she certainly doesn't deserve it.

  • No, Paris Hilton is only famous because her father was an astute businessman.

    No, Paris Hilton does not deserve her fame. She is an example of someone who is only wealthy because of the hard work and success of her family, having done little or nothing to deserve her wealth. She has few marketable skills that would have earned her fame and wealth on her own - she only enjoys fame and success because she was born with a "silver spoon".

  • No, Paris Hilton doesn't deserve her fame.

    I do not believe that Paris Hilton deserves her fame. I think that the only reason she is famous is because she had a sex tape. That is a horrible way to get famous. But because today's society is filled with superficiality and materialism, the public has allowed Paris Hilton to be famous.

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