• To an extent. Yes.

    As an actress she's alright. She's good enough to pass in Hollywood as a B-list side character, And that takes quite a bit of talent. So I feel she's much more qualified to fit in the 'yes' section than the 'no' section here.

    She's not great. But she's not bad at all. Far from it. Everyone saying 'no' is having their judgment clouded by how much of a diva she is. But diva or not she can definitely act, More so than people like to give her credit for.

  • Hell to the no

    She can’t act. Her entire “act” is simply being her fucking self at all times: evil. That’s all she does; run around being evil and spending money while idiots keep buying her products and staying at her hotels (and unfortunately keeping her alive). Actors need empathy and she doesn’t have that. Her empathy only goes as far as being liked by other people. No one with empathy calls people FAGGOTS or NIGGERS or shamelessly spends $50, 000 on television just for the fucking hell of it. She’s an extremely evil human being; that’s just it.

  • She was alright in her hayday

    Paris hilton deserves her fame bcuz she was good in her haydya. She is a sexy women who has gained appeal and has even made other people famous. (like Kim k) Now she is living her life as a fashionista model of some sorts but that is alright she was good back in the day, todays generation might be to new for her

  • No, she is awful

    I have no clue why this girl is famous. Her relatives did everything and she gets to take claim for it. She was awful in everything she has ever been in. She also seems to just be a person with low morale character. She has faded away, thank god, she is awful.

  • No, she's a terrible actress.

    Paris Hilton deserves the fame that she's gotten, I guess. Fame is fame. But she is an absolutely horrible actress. I like Paris too; think she's a goofy, un-willfully ignorant girl and is probably a very nice person. But as for acting? She should really try different endeavors in this case.

  • Paris Hilton is Great at Spending Daddy's Money

    The only thing Paris Hilton is great at is spending her father's money. Before she had a "leaked" sex video, no one knew Hilton whatsoever. Her father owns a bunch of high-end hotels that are famous around the world. Hilton isn't a great actress or even a great model. She's a pretty face that is great at spending an enormous fortune on not very much.

  • Paris Hilton is not a great actress

    It is my opinion that Paris Hilton is not a great actress. The films in which she has acted in are not Hollywood blockbusters. Furthermore, her roles in these films are not the leading roles, and her image as a sex symbol is usually exploited in the roles that she plays.

  • Paris Hilton isn't a great actress.

    I do not think that Paris Hilton is a great actress. I have never seen too many films with Paris Hilton in the first place. But in the movie roles that I have seen her in, I did not think that she did too great of a job at it and should focus on other things.

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