Do you think Paris Hilton's brands of products, such as perfumes and accessories, are high quality?

  • She dont make it

    Yes, her brands of perfume and other things are high quality. She does not have anything to do with making it though. She simply signs her name to it, saying that they can use her to endorse it so that her fans will buy it just because her face is on it.

  • Of course not

    You could get me a pile of feces and it would be of the same quality/feeling. Knowing that you just bought a product and that your money is going to an asshole that sits around partying with it and travelling the world and TALKING SO MUCH TRASH makes the product so fucking cheap. I’ve never had the desire to smell her products; she’s an evil human being. The people who buy her products are oblivious or too forgiving/dumb. She is EVIL.

  • No, Paris Hilton's brand products are not high quality.

    No, Paris Hilton's brand products are not high quality, just a mere name gimmick. Like most things these days, all a famous person has to do to bring in more money is to put there name on a product. The fact that a person wears perfume and accessories does not mean they know anything about making a high quality products. Also because a product is expensive to make does not make it high quality, just high priced.

  • Paris is selling her name, not necessarily quality.

    Paris Hilton has built an empire out of marketing herself as a brand name, attracting buyers who are drawn to her glamorous lifestyle. Those who purchase her brand of products are not purchasing them for their high quality, but for the brand name on the label. Those seeking high quality products likely seek other brands.

  • Paris Hilton has always had a negative influence

    Paris Hilton has always taken a lot of heat over the years in a negative manner. She has done very little in the eyes of the public from a very broad perspective to clear those rumors. So a lot of products made under the Paris Hilton name have not been of high qualify in the eyes of the average consumer.

  • They are low quality.

    Paris Hilton, as she was taught by her entire family line, believes that the bottom line is the most important thing in life. Therefore, quality suffers and the amount of dollars made tend to go up. All of Paris's products seem like cheap knockoffs of other brands and should be shelved.

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