• Yes, I believe they should be given life saving treatment.

    Anorexia is a mental disease and should be treated like other mental disorders. If they are a danger to themselves or others they should be given treatment despite their wishes until their diagnosis is under control. For anorexia part of the treatment may be intravenous nutrition. I don't think they should be forced to physically eat through their mouths but nutrition should be given until they are of their right mind.

  • Yes, until therapy helps.

    It scares me to think of having a teenage daughter with anorexia. I can't imagine the fear and pain of a mother who watches her daughter waste away day by day and not be able to do anything to stop or reverse it. I think people with anorexia have such distorted views of themselves that they should be force fed as an intervention just to keep them alive.

  • Yes, patients with anorexia nervosa should be force fed.

    I think that patients with anorexia nervosa should be force fed. I think that there are some cases of anorexia that is very difficult for some people to deal with. I think that it is important people try to seek treatments for such conditions. I also think that such extreme cases need to be treated in such a manner.

  • Yes They Should

    Anorexia nervosa is a serious problem for patients because they often have trouble taking the steps to improve their own health. These people are a danger to their own health and if they are not force fed then there life is in potential danger. In all honesty I think force feeding is only the better of two bad options.

  • People with Anorexia should not be force fed

    If you say people with Anorexia should be force fed, Then you're wrong. Why would you want to force feed someone food when you should actually be treating them with care and trying to find out the actual reason for why they aren't eating, People that are diagnosed with Anorexia usually are like that cause people in this society is messed up they judge people by their physical appearance, They talk behind their backs saying how they are fat, Relatives constantly saying how they are overweight or just even in a joke way it could hurt someone mentally and make their self- esteem go low. People who just say what they think is sometimes ok but they never think about their words and just say it. I personally think it is crucial to force feed someone with Anorexia. Sorry if this didn't make sense.

  • No, they shouldn't

    You're stupid if you think yes, also it is a violation of their rights. Sorry to say you are stupid, i didn't mean to attack anyone. I think that they should definitely be put in a place where they can get serious help, but they should not have to go through the trauma of being force fed. Already as it is the people with anorexia nervosa have psychological problems, and that would just add to them.

  • It a psychological disorder and that needs to be treated first.

    We have to understand that it is a disorder that needs to be treated slowly by making them realize that gaining weight is alright. We have to make them confident and make them realise it is alright to do whatever they afraid of happening. It is a process that must not be rushed because if it is then it may lead to further mental instability in anorexic patient leaving them no choice but to take their lifes

  • The psychological problems should be cured first

    Force feeding is not a good way to help a patient with an eating disorder,it also won`t be a permanent solution to the disorder. Force feeding could scar a patient and make them a lot more likely to relapse in the future. People should heal at their own pace not someone else`s. They should be cured for the psychological problems first. The rest will come into place with time

  • Patients with anorexia nervosa should be treated for the psycholigical disorder that they have, with treatment will come the desire to eat.

    Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that has its roots in psychological dysfunction. By treating the mind with counseling and helping the individual understand how to overcome their disorder, the body will heal. If we take away their right to choose who they will be by force-feeding then we violate the most basic human-right of self-determination.

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