Do you think Paul Ryan should have been allowed to block the delivery of the 87,000 petitions?

  • He can do what he wants

    Just because people want to oppose his ideals and policies doesn't mean he actually has to listen to their concerns. Being in the position he is in, he is allowed to be ignorant and act any which way he wants. If he want to be a pompous ass and ignore the fact that defunding Planned Parenthood is one of the worst ideas ever, that's his prerogative. He'll only have himself to blame when the plan backfires.

  • Regular people deserve to have their opinions heard by their representatives.

    However if Paul Ryan's constituents choose to reelect him even when he refuses to consider others concerns, then the choice he made is the correct one politically. Even if I feel that it is lacking in ethics to do so.

    He can do whatever he wants as long as it does not enrage his constituents when the time comes for reelection.

  • People should have a voice.

    No, Paul Ryan should not have been able to block the delivery of the 87,000 petitions, because people should be allowed to exercise free speech. Politicians are supposed to work for us, not the other way around. Politicians should have to listen if people want to make their voices heard. The government is for the people.

  • Why isn't this unconstitutional?

    I'm surprised Ryan was allowed to do this. All he's gained is negative publicity, why won't he listen to the opinion of 87,000 of his fellow citizens? Is he better than them? Besides, he didn't have to act on that petition did he? First turning off those live feeds and then this, Ryan is becoming a dictator.

  • No, I don`t so.

    He wants to protect himself from hearing what citizens think. That way he can stay in his bubble and pretend that he's speaking for the country. I hope enough people in Wisconsin get disgusted enough with him to vote him out. And how much tax payer money did those guards cost to protect him against a bunch of petition carrying women?

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