• Yes people are debating too many topics these days.

    Since the availablilty of the Internet has opened new lines and modes of communication almost any topic you can imagin has become the center discussion by people from all around the world. This ability to debate any topic with someone on the other side of the world have caused people to debate positions on subjects that they have on a fleeting interest in or knowledge of.

  • Yes, I do.

    I think that people are debating to many things these days. It is stressful to have to argue over every single little tiny thing in life. The phrase "pick your battles" comes to mind. It is good for ones sanity to choose what is the most important to them and focus on those things.

  • I believe everything should be questioned.

    Even if someone agrees with someone else's opinion both of them could learn more about the topic with a healthy debate. My physics teacher at a catholic school taught me that a truly intelligent person must question everything to understand the thinking of everyone and all about the topic. My class discussed many concepts and I feel that this helped me understand many things more clearly.

  • No, I do not think people are debating too many things.

    I do not think people are debating too many things. Debating lets people express their personal opinions on topics. Everybody has their own opinion on matters. Any matter or topic can be up for debate. I do not see anything wrong with debating. Debating shares people's different views on matters.

  • Debate is not a vice any more than consensus is a virtue.

    It is easy to associate good and bad with any particular action. There is no question that some debates are not virtuous, just as all dissent is not patriotic. It is also the case that consensus around any issue is not a virtue either. A free society does not govern how many things are debated, it only keeps open the option for further discussion.

  • No not really.

    Debating is important way for us to understand and gain new knowledge about different subjects. I might have an opinion different from another persons but they bring new perspective to my thoughts by telling me about their opposite side of thinking. That makes it easier for us to learn and improve.

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