Do you think people are getting out of hand when it comes to celebrity rumors?

  • Yes, I think it is.

    Yes, I think people are getting out of hand when it comes to celebrity rumors because there is so much going on now a days it is pretty much completely impossible to tell the truth from rumors and people are making up anything they want to hear and indeed it is pretty crazy.

  • Definitely yes! Celebrities have personal lives too!

    Although being a celebrity means constantly being exposed to public scrutiny, we have to understand that these individuals have private lives too and for that simply yet often underscored reason, their privacy should be respected! This is just a way to generate speculation and profit of people who make way much more money than the average person, more than often making exaggerated claims about their personal lives.

  • They are getting out of hand

    Last night, I was scrolling down the celebrity news, only to find some unbelievable or offensive articles. Those celebrities have feelings like us - every day, they're under pressure of popularity. They don't know how to please their fans, because everything they do is being criticized by someone. Not to mention, people start making up rumors, just to promote their magazine/agency. They just don't understand that celebrities are humans too.

  • Celebrity rumors too much

    No I do not think that people are getting out of hand. People are allowed to talk about what ever they want to. They are not just secluded to good news from celebrities. Celebrities put their lives out their to be criticized and to be talked about. It was their choice.

  • No, the public is not getting out of hand in regards to celebrity rumors.

    On one hand, the public obsession with celebrity gossip can seem a bit absurd. Media outlets tend to explode at even the slightest incident or small happening among the most famous celebrities, and the public is not shy about revelling in the details. Yet maybe it is precisely the distracting nature of this public interest that is actually beneficial; sure, it draws attention away from other, more "serious" issues, but maybe that's not such a bad thing.

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