Do you think people from the past are more violent than people from present.

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Yes people from the past are very violent.

    People from the past are very violent.If you look at middle age , the catholic church burn people alive because they think some people are a witch even it isn't true.Just because they dress not like other people.Also in second world war nazis kill 10 million of jews.Now a day it is much better because we have human rights and better laws.

  • How far in the past are we talking?

    We have had “human rights” since the 1864 Geneva Convention. That was before the German Holocaust or the Stalin’s purges in the U.S.S.R, the latter of which took three times as many lives as the Holocaust. Since then we have seen more than a dozen genocides in countries like Rwanda, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil, Argentina, and many more. We currently see the Islamic State slaughtering anyone who won’t convert to their brand of Islam. In the past year the Islamic State has killed far more people than the total number of “witches” that the Catholic Church killed throughout her entire history. So no, on the whole people are not less violent than they used to be.

  • I would not be so sure..

    People from the past have committed a great deal of atrocities, True. But observe the span of time that the word 'past' includes. The present is a shorter measure of time and so by shear volume the past would indeed be more violent as it has had more opportunities for violent accounts to be referenced. If you look to today's atrocities with ISIS, drug cartels, human trafficking, and violence across the whole globe there really does not seems to be less violence. The violence only seemed to disperse more in smaller groups, individuals, and actions. Also, there is a lot more agencies, organizations, treaties, and installations that keep large scale atrocities at bay or on the down low. With more access to information there is also more chance to sew misinformation. So ultimately I believe that it would be hard to take any credible measure of violence from yesterday compared to today based on actions alone. The heart, minds, general consensus would need to be measured in a large enough sample to scale the violence.I submit that a more realistic way to at least begin to measure the violence of today and of the past is to compare entertainment. With today's entertainments including mediums, costs, content, and range humanity is really no less violent than their ancestors and for sure humanity contains the propensity to be violent if certain criteria were laxer or met. Just my $.02

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Vox_Veritas says2015-05-08T02:08:51.377
People by themselves are just as naturally prone to violence now as they ever were. One could make the case that modern society has taught people to be less violent, though.