Do you think people should be allowed to express their opinions about delicate topics?

Asked by: Rafe
  • Delicate topics are subjective

    So who gets to decide what is delicate? We are all aware of controversial topics and most people do not endorse hatred of others. However it has become ridiculous and impossible to keep up with the latest trend. Discussing the ability to describe myself as female is now taboo to many people who believe in a gender less world. I've probably offended many by even saying this! My rights are taken away by a minority who want to change the fact that I am female and will always be female. I am NEVER going to refer to myself as a person or use gender less pronouns to refer to myself. I am 100% female and was born female. The majority of us are born biologically male or female and have every right to define ourselves this way. While this is a delicate subject to a minority people who have gender issues it is far from delicate to the majority. So who gets to decide what is delicate?

  • Say if your a family member got put in jail for a non valid reason you should be able to speak out with your opinion

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  • I'm sorry, I thought this was America

    Freedom of speech is the foremost tenant of the U.S. Bill of a Rights. People have the right to express their opinion without fear of repricussion from the government. That doesn't absolve anyone from the personal reprucussions that may result from what they say, but they cannot be disallowed from expressing their opinion by the government.

  • Yes, it is important to have discussion.

    Yes, people should be allowed to express their opinions about delicate topics, because it is important that we have discussions in society about all topics. If a topic is considered taboo, there will be no way for someone to learn about the subject, even if it affects them. Open communication is critical.

  • Absolutely they should.

    Why shouldn't they? That is what we have free speech for to protect controversial opinions. The KKK and the Westboro Baptists church also have this same right as long as they aren't being violent or trespassing. In fact people should be able to express whatever opinions however they like as long as it's not violent or a violation of private property.

  • It is an International Right

    If a person has an honest, well-formed and informed opinion on a matter, no matter how delicate the subject is, they should have the right to express that opinion. As a global society, we should be taught how to be tolerant of contrasting opinions because no matter where you go, you will most likely encounter one. Just because someone openly talks about a sensitive subject, it does not make them a bad person. Just as it does not make you a bad person if you don't. It is just a difference in personal preferences.

  • Why Shouldn't they Be Allowed to?

    I personally don't really want to get into a face to face argument with someone about a delicate topic, but that's me. If someone feels like they want to, they should be allowed to. If you really know the person they're talking to about the subject, then they should be good enough to respect your opinion. Doesn't mean everyone has to agree with you, but it does mean that we need to be tolerant of others' choices.

  • Otherwise "delicate topics" would never be resolved...

    Delicate topics are just like any other controversial topic in that people need to debate, discuss, and come to conclusions about them in order to form any sort of agreement, hopefully that the majority favors or that is decidedly superior.
    We should not shy away from delicate topics; we should treat them all the same.

  • Yes off course, if people couldn't express their opinions about "delicate" topics then

    Eventually anything that risked the status quo would be considered "delicate" arbitrarily. That is precisely what happened in communist countries, where many things were banned because they were considered too risky for the regime or delicate.

    I think that thinking a bit deeper you will find that this question is flawed because the definition of what is delicate and what is not is completely arbitrary and is up the sensitivity each person. Somebody might think that women being topless is a delicate topic, while somebody else might think it is like anything else.

  • When only one side is allowed...

    It's called censorship. What is the point of having the right to express an opinion, if censorship is stronger than that? If someone finds opposite opinions so hurtful they can't handle them, there is something wrong with that person. There is no excuse to trample the rights of others, and of course "feeling hurt" by opinions that do not match yours is no reason to keep people from expressing them.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Some people’s thoughts are meant to be hurtful and/or hateful

    Some people’s opinions and thoughts go against other peoples and can end up creating a conflict and many people express their thoughts and opinions trying to be harmful and hurtful. In many circumstances, people use their opinion, as a weapon against others. They say things they may or may not believe just to get a rise out of someone else, just to be different.

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