Do you think people should be blamed for things they do wrong?

Asked by: drthrax
  • Yes people should be blamed for the things they do wrong.

    All people should be held accountable for their actions, whether or not it was their idea or someone else's. It is the only way a person can truly learn from their mistakes and be taught not to do such a thing again. By being blamed and having to take credit they should learn and understand what they did wrong and be able to find a way to fix or avoid said situation in the future.

  • Say you were to rob a bank

    Who would be to blame for the bank robbery? Who would be hunted down and go to prison? That would be you, the bank robber. The truth is, everyone looks for someone else to blame. When there is an obvious perpetrator, people instantly go after that person for their wrong doing. Even if they do not know who the exact person is who did the crime, people will naturally find a scapegoat, and that scapegoat will be the man that they think committed the crime. In conclusion, no matter what we think, the person that committed the wrongdoing will always be blamed for their actions.

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