• Depending on the religion

    Workers who are Buddhist or Muslim have no reason on not shopping. However it should be a non Christian/Catholic shop. I agree a bit with the NO. We can shoppers can disturb others. If you are Catholic and you work somewhere in a shop you must notify the customers that you are absent. I am sure they will understand.

  • Follow REI's lead and don't shop on Black Friday.

    Black Friday has become a gross parody of itself, and that is saying something. What used to be a day of joy with family has turned into a gladiator event, with the gross over-consumption being the side show. Outdoor gear retailer REI has taken the bold step of closing on Black Friday, and it would do well if everyone simply said no more and stopped shopping on this horror show of days.

  • Don't support retail worker's grief.

    You may be getting a deal, but think of all the retail workers who have been forced to be there that day. Most would rather be home with their families. Most got up super early to be there. Most worked the night before, sometimes late into the night, getting ready for the sale. I know from experience.

  • Careful shoppers can find deals at any time of the year

    Supporting 'Black Friday' is simply supporting the marketing machine that currently defines American culture. Forcing employees to work overnight on Thanksgiving, attempting to control unruly mobs of people willing to do harm to other for a computer monitor and drawing consumers away from family time to shop are symptoms of a larger problem. Most retailers do not offer significant sales on Black Friday any longer anyway, the need for the consumer dollar is too strong to hold the sales for a point in the future.

  • It brings out the worst in people.

    People don't know how to act when there's a sale, just look at past Black Fridays and see how many people get hurt or worse just to grab something before somebody else does. Really makes you wonder just how much these corporations are really losing (or gaining) being able to have the prices of their products set that low but only for one day, really makes you think doesn't it? Black Friday only seems to bring out a mob mentality, everyone for themselves with no regard for anyone or anything in their way just as long as they get those clown shoes at 50% off.

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