• Pharmacists seem to think it's okay.

    I used to be leery of taking expired medications until a pharmacist friend of mine suggested it. She said that in most cases, with pills, as long as you're not taking something five or more years out of date, it's safe. So yes, if you are trying to save money, some mildly expired medication should be okay.

  • They're still good.

    Yes, I think that people should take expired medications in order to save money, because the medicines that are expired are not usually much worse than the ones that are not expired. In countries all over the world, people still use expired medications, because they are still pretty much good. It is a way to save money.

  • Do Not Take Expired Medication

    In my opinion, the fact that people would even consider to take an expired medication just shows what is wrong in this country. Health care should be cheaper. If medicines weren't so expensive, people would not need to resort to taking them while expired. Only take medications while they are still good because the health risks can be horrible if taken when expired.

  • No, why should saving a few bucks take priority over our health?

    I completely disagree that people should take expired medications just to save some money. Medicines are given an expiration date for a reason. Sure, sometimes we are taught when growing up that expiration dates are merely "Suggestions," but that should only be for food, which is relatively easy to check to see if it is still safe to eat and will not cause dire negative effects. Expired medication could make your symptoms even more pronounced, or worse, it could kill you!

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