• People with PH. D's are geniuses

    People with PH. D'd have to have a certain amount of intelligence to because that skilled in such an area, they are a genius in the area of study because that is what they have made their life and what they care about the most, if you don't think a person with this level of a degree then something is wrong.

  • People who earn PhD degrees are geniuses.

    People who invest the time and effort required to earn a PhD degrees are intelligent, bordering on the genius level, but their most outstanding trait is a strong work ethic and desire to succeed. They set goals for their education and then work hard to reach those goals. PhD candidates have to be driven in order to survive the program.

  • Ph.Ds are Smart

    People who get Ph.Ds are for the most part very smart. They go into the field for two reasons. Tohelp people and to make a very good salary. Either way, doctors should be looked at as extremely smart people that want to provide very important functions for needy people. They should be appreciated.

  • PHD'S with MD degree as well don't make a good people person

    The friend I know has a PHD in Neuroscience and also a MD from UCLA. Nate spent nearly 20 years in University. When it came time to do residency, He couldn't handle the interaction with variety of people. He started using recreational drugs(meth). He claims it makes him more focused.
    He has fallen from success. Had some financial and legal problems. Yes, He is brilliant and extreme smart. Still, He suffers in the real world. He lost his Mother/DR mentor several years ago. Family support is a important part of any human being. He has not adapted to the real world. He continues to slam meth. With a criminal record, Finding any research or university position is impossible. Common sense and stability aren't always followed by the eccentric.

  • No: Ph. Ds are More Eccentric than Genius

    There is nothing necessarily ingenious about someone who has earned a Ph.D. It is more likely that they conform to a set of rules and standards within their discipline, which allowed them to put these letters next to their name. This is not to say that they are not intelligent, refined, or qualified. But their in depth knowledge sets them apart from the rest of society, making them somewhat of an oddity. In this sense, they are more likely to be an eccentric than a genius.

  • No, they are neither.

    A doctorate in a particular topic is not indicative of someone being either eccentric or a genius. It just says that a relatively smart person has chosen to focus his or her intelligence in a certain area of study. The Ph.d indicates a certain level of knowledge within one particular discipline and that is all.

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