Do you think people will be more inclined to buy a farm animal if they see one at the Farmers Exchange?

  • An animal that looks healthy stands a good chance of choice.

    As with any shopping venture, it makes the process much more involved and promising to have a good idea of what you are going after. The first step is visualization affirmation. If I see something that interests me, then it is much more likely that this will strongly influence my decision.

  • Yes, people will be more inclined to buy a farm animal at the Farmers Exchange if they see one.

    People will be far more inclined to buy a live animal that they are looking directly at rather than a sign about the animals. You can tell a lot about an animal by looking at it.Does it look healthy? Is it's coat shiny? Is it too skinny? Also the "cute factor" can't be overlooked for some animals like baby goats.

  • Yes, I believe that someone is more likely to purchase an animal after seeing it on Farmers Exchange.

    I believe that anyone who is already looking at auction sites for an animal has already made up their mind to purchase an animal of that type. I am more likely to actually buy a cow if I'm looking online at cows that are for sale. I am even more likely to buy said cow if I can see it online and decide if it is worth the trip to see it in person. I believe it cuts down on time, gas, and is overall more economical an option than going to a regular auction, where I may spend an entire day and still not make a purchase.

  • Farm Animals at Exchange

    People will definitely be more willing and likely to buy a farm animal after seeing it at the farm exchange. As a consumer they will know that it is healthy and sought after. Seeing is believing in some instances and seeing an animal always evokes a need to own one.

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