Do you think people will get dumber and more obese as we develop more technology?

Asked by: Sozuc
  • Do Things That Make Our Lives Easier Make Them Better?

    Over the past century, there have been changes in technology to make our life easier. Do those changes make our lives better? Technology has been improving since then and it still is. Now almost everything in life is easier than it was before, but not everything
    Technology is always improving. Many years ago, we would have to walk everywhere just to get groceries or play with our friends. Now, we have cars which significantly decrease our travel time. But cars can also be used as weapons in the wrong hands such as a reckless driver or a drunk driver. We also have i Pads which can record our voice and write it down so we can get more work done. But now when our work takes an hour instead of ten, we think “What am I doing now, I can do much more work now.” So now, you raise your expectations for yourself so if your iPad breaks, you haven’t written anything for a long time so you don’t know what to do.
    Another example; you are a farmer. It takes you ten hours to water your crops. You just borrowed some money from the government to buy a machine so it only takes you one hour. You would probably decide to start doing ten times the area. So you got more farmland. Now you’re making ten times the money, but then, the machine breaks. Now you have lots of crops to water and you can’t manage the work now and you owe the government money so you’re back to square one. People have also invented nuclear bombs which are very easy to kill with. Before they were invented, you had to carry your gun and ammo and you can only kill so many people. With a bomb the size of a suitcase, you can kill hundreds of thousands of people in two minutes.
    Technology is also very useful and makes our lives better. Medicine is improving. If you had an infection back then, they would cut off the infected area. Now, they have more advanced medicine so the most pain you would feel is pulling off the band aid. We also have electricity for heat, coolness, and light. We can also preserve food in our fridge. Our leisure is also more advanced. Back then, the best game you could play is Ping-Pong. Now we have 3d games on the Xbox 360. People say that it causes us to be anti-social, but we have Xbox Live which allows us to communicate with friends and play with them. Technology is very helpful to us and many people think it makes our lives easier; however, this isn’t always true.
    My opinion is that things that make our life easier don’t necessarily make them better. Technology can be very helpful but also risky. Some people think it is worth the risk but some don’t. Everything is becoming better but not always better for us.

  • Just watch Wall-E

    Present technology has made everything easier. I can literally turn the lights on in my house, program home security and all that from a phone. You can start a car through your phone. Everything is all about making your life easier. As health decreases overall through our Western society, and technology arises to do your everyday activities, no matter how minimal physicality, all by sitting on your couch all day, yes our society will become more obese as our technology develops more and more for human use.

  • People will get dumber

    Yes because thats all they are going to be on . Right now there obese people ( not trying to be mean) eating while they are on technology. We should at least ry to think about the negatives of poeples lives. People will get more dumber b y counting on technology.

  • Technology will make us weaker as a species.

    I know that in order to be smart you need technology but as we develop more technology that automatically fulfill our daily needs and limits the amount of physical activity we need to engage in we will become more obese. As computers and other computational technologies get developed the use of our brains will be more idle and people will begin to get dumber. Technology should be used in moderation and not used all the time.

  • Well of course

    Look at it this way, technology is designed to help us right? Still though, too much of a good thing is a bad thing so it's still going to make us lazy and worse in ways. The more advanced the technology the lazier more people will get due to the effect of this, technology will make us lazy.

  • Way of thinking

    I believe we all get dumber. We are so depended on our iphones, tablets, laptops for our knowlegde. That doesn't make us smart. It's just our tablet that's given you all that information. Very useful. But take away the internet, our digital highway one week, better one day. People would go berserk. The half of the world wouldn't be able to coop with themselves.

    Our social way of living has changed. I read a beautiful poems once, it's about your cola comes from america, your laptop made in china,.Etc...But you don't know your own neighbour. And it's true. We have friends all over the world. But most people don't know the people who live in their streets. Times have changed. We don't do head calculations no more, Everybody has a calculator. In the middle of conversations people are texting to other people. We check FB and Twitter constantly. We start living on the web.

    Sure, in a way our knowledge is different. We know things about the world and facts...But can we survive? Can we live in an environment that's different from our modern society. We gain a bit of knowledge, but we lose our ability to survive.

    Personally I would be very curious to see what would happen to people when we lose our digital highway and go back to simpler days. That's my way who I think about those things.

    Grtz Scoundrel

  • There will be a fine line

    I think later in life when technology is more advanced there will be things like social classes. There will be people that use there free time technology provides to go outside or exercise. And then there will be the people who do nothing in there free time but sit there.

  • Technology is not the reason people are dumb and obese

    While technology is something that takes away from people engaging in regular exercise and abstaining from learning more than what the Internet headlines for the day are it is not directly responsible for the obesity epidemic or the dumbing down of society. The cost of healthy food versus the cost of junk food is a great place to start looking at the cause of obesity. The lack of safe places for children to play and learn is another possible cause for the obesity epidemic and the dumbing down of society. The poor state of the educational system and the new emphasis on teaching to the requirements of standardized test could be a reason society is being dumbed down.

  • Well, not really.

    Everyone prefers to smart and and physically fit,therefore they will try to be more smart and physically fit. If you are smart you can go to better schools and get a better job. If you are fit you can live longer and not suffer from ageing. We all naturally do what we want to do.. We naturally want to improve ourselves as human beings. As technology develops so will technology that will help you get smarter and fit, because we demand improvement so they will supply it.

  • I don't think so

    We constantly learning new things all the time. If anything we will become more intelligent. If you look at people that are obese, don't blame tech blame society.

    Our cellophane's contain ever bit of human history ever. We are updated with the news of the entire world on a daily basis.

    How are we getting dumber? Just because the media loves to focus on horrible role models, and has a bad influence on the younger generations doesn't mean that select few represents every human being.

    We are producing more, Scientists and Engineers then ever. As tech develops the more education is needed. The more fields of study created.

  • I think the reverse actually...

    Well, if you looked at it like this: Those that play video games have developed parts of their brains to make them quick thinkers and good problem solvers. Video games are a technology, and people got smarter. Also, with more technology, it is now easier to learn. I could go on. Now, about getting fat. Because, we are getting smarter and learning more about how foods effect our body (something people really didn't know before) we, as a society, will be able to better handle the change in our exercise habits and adapt. Sure, we are not doing so great right now, but there are still a lot of people who don't know the many things about exercise and diet. I have everything faith that our future will hold slimmer people--but maybe I am just an optimist.

  • NO. Why would they?

    If you are a well rounded person, surely you would know there are limitations to using the computer and you need to be physically active. How is it any different than TV addicts? Also, a computer is a useful tool, but if a tool is using it, then like any other instrument of technology, it is only as good as the operator. I use the computer a great deal for my research and writing papers, but I also bike, walk trails, and read and study philosophy in addition to my job, so...............It is all about the individual.

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