• I never missed his show.

    We need Piers Morgan. People need to know that there are people in this world who think differently and that that should be respected.
    I miss the good discussions Piers Morgan created..
    Maybe it was difficult to listen to his chirpy voice.
    It was a mistake by CNN to let him go.

  • Piers Morgan will be truly missed.

    A certain section of society see life from his viewpoint. You have to be educated, be exposed to the other side of the world, to get it! The good old boys, so fired up with hatred, this one's for you. The world is getting smaller, we see your intolerance clearly.

  • Piers Morgan will be missed

    Piers Morgan's show was definitely short lived, but will definitely be greatly missed. Look at the variety of channels, talk shows, or even news talk shows and you will see one great thing, diversity. There is a show for almost every point of view and Piers Morgan's show filled that void for a segment of the population.

  • Yes, I think people will miss Piers Morgan Live.

    I think Piers Morgan Live had a dedicated audience who enjoyed watching the program and enjoyed watching Piers Morgan host the program, there was not large enough of an audience to justify continuing to carry the show live though, I think Piers Morgan will find another role or show on the same network or a different one and his fans will follow him to that.

  • No I don't think the general viewing public will miss the Piers Morgan Live show.

    As reflected by the show's falling ratings I don't think the general viewing public will miss the Piers Morgan Live show. His show was intended to replace Larry King LIve and just never caught on with the late night viewing audience. The show has recorded the lowest prime-time rating in CNN history.

  • He will not be missed

    He represents an irrelevant and insignificant news source that neither provides the audience with content or entertainment. Piers Morgan is not a reporter but rather a device used by the mainstream media to pander to the uneducated and the aging populations of America. The amount of news on tv is unfathomable, so i don't think he will be missed.

  • He Wouldn't Have Been Canceled

    If people truly miss CNN's "Piers Morgan Live," then he wouldn't have been canceled. Morgan never truly filled the niche left by Larry King and CNN needs to have someone newer and perhaps younger to get the all-important 18-34 demographic. Morgan is a fantastic interviewer, but American audiences never truly took him to heart when he came over from Great Britain.

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