Do you think people's personalities are affected by their zodiac sign?

Asked by: ShaneTB
  • I used to not, but now I do!

    Up until about a year ago I though all zodiac/astrology stuff was rubbish! But then I read in article about it and I learned that I was a virgo, also I realized I had many virgo traits! I thought it was just a just a coincidence at first. Then I learned what many of my friends zodiac signs, and I learned that for the most their personalities fit their zodiac sign as well!

  • I used to not believe in it but I do now

    I got this book from the library once. It was about the zodiac signs. It had all of the characteristics-and I mean ALL of them- of every zodiac sign. I decided to do a test. I asked my mom, my dad, and a few of my friends if they could give me two traits that they thought described them. 89% of the traits they gave me were the ones that the book AND internet said. Then I did the same thing but asked people what traits they thought I had and they were right. So yeah it's up to you to decide if you believe in it or not.

  • Read your daily horoscope!

    I am a Gemini and everything I've read from my horoscopes sounds like my life on a daily basis. Ill read them at night after my day while I'm laying in bed. And in some shape or form that was how it went for me. Very rarely does the horoscope tell me wrong. I believe its all true! I once wasn't into all of this stuff, until one of my friends constantly checked her horoscopes. That's when I decided to start checking mine. I'm glad I did.. It even helps you find who your more compatible with.

  • Its all about gravity

    I have a theory. When your born your personality is influenced by the position of the stars that make up the zodiacs. This influence is conveyed through gravity influencing the body. At different times of the year the stars possessions vary so this gravity would have different running effects on the body giving people different personalities. For example the earth is actually egg shaped because of the moons gravity. The exact same forces also effect the body as the masses move about space. Ill take this a step farther. If the above is true then by calculating all the locations of all mass in the universe we could determine total pull of gravity in space. All we would have to do is put this on a time line and compare past present and future locations. It would be passable to predict some ones next action.

  • Antiquity of man kind says so!

    From Greeks to Babylonians to the Vedic manuscripts. Astro-theology is a valid science and is of course based upon belief. For a scientist to say to someone, 'a quark is sub-particle that we can not see, but it is still there', belief is needed in order to believe the scientist because it is not proven and we can't see it happening. We have to come up with our own doctrines in the modern world. Who knows how much information has been lost of the years, especially due to war. We do know that the Egyptians, Greeks, Babylonians and Indians to name a few believed in astro-theology, and much of our society is based upon them. They obviously were onto something. Besides, Tiny Tempah said its written in the stars!

  • Astrology as an Unknown Science

    I think that different times of the year that have different alignments of planets and stars affect the energy in the world. I think there is a science to astrology, it is just unknown. The world is full of a combination of different energies, rather it be electromagnetism or even heat and its connected throughout the universe. I think there is a little truth behind everything and there's a reason why our ancestors were so intrigued by the stars. Maybe one day astrology will be better understood.

  • Believing is everything

    First of all, If you start to believe in something, that's definitely doing to work.
    Here in this case, for an example If your zodiac sign says that today is the day you have to be really cautious about driving. You might even end up facing an accident. This is because you have been thinking about it the entire time. So basically I would say zodiac signs don't predict the future or personalities, Instead they make the future that way as predicted. You might have already noticed and I too would like to stress the fact that most zodiac predictions are in a good/constructive way.

  • Yes, Im a cancer.

    Cancers are ruled by the moon, The tides are always changing with our emotions ( or rather it is the other way around xD ). And sometimes I feel like shit in one minute but elated the next minute, The immense mood swings that i have is making me sick. Usually in school, I will check other people's zodiac signs before initiating a conversation with them to see if they are compatible with me or not. You can say that zodiac signs are my religion if they are one.

  • They are very accurate

    In chinese astrology, there is this thing called Bazi that determines your personality and compatibilities, and it can be eerily accurate like "being bad in maths". Bazi is actually a combination of your sun, moon and rising signs.

    Also, I have found the compatibility of horoscopes to be really accurate. Next time you feel irritated by someone, check their horoscope.

    Horoscopes are a part of your personality; other factors such as upbringing still come into play. It's about one's inherent nature here.

  • I can tell my friends zodiac before I know

    I have more than 12 fiends, and each of them match the personality of their zodiac. Of course everyone is unique so they don't always match everything in their zodiac, but I can tell what someone's zodiac is if I get to know them well enough from their personality, all of my friends are all of the zodiacs, some of them doubled like there's two Sagittarius's, but I can tell you that they do act very much like their zodiacs, especially me.

  • Of course not.

    What sort of gullible folk actually believe that the relative positions of the stars and the planets at the time of your birth actually affects their personality? It's utter tripe. Do you really think anyone who shares your birthday is going to be like you?
    "Horoscope" personality assessments are so vague and generalized that they can apply to almost anyone.

  • It uses statements that everyone can apply for.

    Richard Dawkins did a test, where he took zodiac readings, then gave them to someone with a different zodiac then the reading was. People would apply the readings to themselves, being like "Oh that is just like me!" Its a false science, as has been proven time and time again that it is rubbish.

  • Definitive proof its nonsense

    According to chinese astrology, rabbit sign is the most peaceful personality same for pisces. Here i google searched on wiki serial killers born on rabbit years or pisces sign.

    John Wayne Gacy Jr. (March 17, 1942 – May 10, 1994) was an American serial killer and rapist.
    Morris Solomon Jr. (born March 15, 1944[1]) is a convicted serial killer
    Todd Christopher Kohlhepp (born March 7, 1971) is an American serial killer,
    Randy Steven Kraft (born March 19, 1945) is an American serial killer known as the "Scorecard
    Stephen John Port (born 22 February 1975) is a convicted British serial rapist and serial killer.
    Petr Zelenka (born February 27, 1976) is a Czech serial killer.
    Todd Christopher Kohlhepp (born March 7, 1971) is an American serial
    David Michael Krueger (March 5, 1939 – March 5, 2010), best known by his birth name,
    Colin Ireland (16 March 1954 – 21 February 2012) was a British serial killer
    Joseph Edward Duncan III (born February 25, 1963) is an American convicted serial
    Stephen Peter Morin (February 19, 1951 – March 13, 1985) was an American serial killer
    Andre Crawford (born March 20, 1962) is an American convicted serial killer, who killed 11 women
    Faryion Edward Wardrip (born March 6, 1959) is an American serial killer
    Juan Covington (born March 3, 1962) is an American serial killer from Philadelphia
    Robert Garrow (March 4, 1936–September 11, 1978) was an American spree killer
    Joshua Earl Patrick "Josh" Phillips (born March 17, 1984) is an American convicted murderer
    William Patrick Fyfe (born February 27, 1955) is a Canadian serial killer convicted of killing five
    David Russell Williams (born March 7, 1963) is an English-born Canadian, convicted murderer, rapist,
    Charles Edmund Cullen (born February 22, 1960) is a former nurse who is the most prolific serial killer

    Rabbit (born years 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987):
    Anthony John Hardy (born 31 May 1951) is an English serial killer
    Donato "Walter" Bilancia (born July 10, 1951) is a serial killer who murdered 17 people
    Robert Christian Hansen (February 15, 1939 – August 21, 2014), known in the media as the "Butcher Baker"
    Gwendolyn Graham (born August 6, 1963) and Cathy Wood (born March 7, 1962) are American serial
    John Joseph Joubert IV (July 2, 1963 – July 17, 1996) was an American serial killer convicted
    Jozef Slovák (born 1951) is a Slovak serial killer who murdered at least five women
    Harvey Louis Carignan (born May 18, 1927) is an American serial killer serving a 400-year sentence
    Patrick Wayne Kearney (born September 24, 1939) is an American serial killer who preyed
    Gerald Eugene Stano (September 12, 1951 – March 23, 1998) was an American convicted serial killer
    Thierry Paulin (November 28, 1963 – April 16, 1989) was a French serial killer active
    Jerome Henry "Jerry" Brudos (January 31, 1939 – March 28, 2006) was an American serial
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    Mohan Kumar (born 1963), also known as Cyanide Mohan, is a serial killer

  • If the zodiac signs are correct then you have 9 long lost bothers and sisters that you didn't know about.

    It is scientifically proven that at least 9 other people in the world share your birthday. So if the zodiac signs are correct 9 other people should act exactly like you. Not only that but every day of the year is someone's birthday and depending on how many days your month has there would be approximately 252 people or more that share the same characteristics as you. And each of those people have 9 other people that act exactly like them.

  • How sad . . .

    It is unfortunate that people will not only base, judge, and define others by their horoscope but do so with sincerity and seriousness as well.
    Judging someone based on the day they were born is complete ignorance if I've seen it. Time, months and days are concepts WE, us humans, made up. Zodiac signs - no matter how ancient the practice dates back to - was made by man, and humans are so very, very flawed.

  • No. I do not believe that zodiac sign predictions are correlated with an individual's personality.

    These zodiac predictions are NOT FACTS. These statements do not rely on empirical methods and evidences, thus, deemed false. Wonder why many people still fall into this trap? It's because some of those predictions are reflections of themselves. Some of it project their inner self when in fact these statements are just products of the human imagination. Zodiac predictions, in short, are created from a common perceived knowledge, thus are somewhat 'correct and relatable'. Emphasis on the quotation marks. 😊 Oh the Barnum Effect!

  • False false false

    I seriously think that these stars are not true...... Just because you have come up with an assumption does not mean it is true..... Anyone can write anything and you will just assume that it is true.... This only applies to gullible people so if you believe in this then you are very GULLIBLE

  • To me personally it makes no sense

    I dont think just a bunch of stars aligned on the day of your birth can dictate your whole personality, humans are way to complex for that. Ive noticed that my personality takes a little bit of all the zodiacs not just leo. Just my 2 cents on the whole thing

  • I didn't know people actually believes them.

    My goodness, this is so stupid. Imaginary drawings that people made in the stars does not determine your personality or future. I know several friends that are nothing like their sign and I am almost nothing like mine. There are millions and millions of people with the same zodiac sign, the same birthday even, and they are nothing alike. Your future is not determined by giant balls of gasses and rocks floating in the sky.

  • U suck lol

    A s d v g ee s c v b n v g s x v g r w f v g im supposed to be scorpio my personality is like scorpio but i am sagitarius this is so weird lol 69 is the best number ever in this world.

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