Do you think Percy Jackson would win a fight against Harry Potter?

Asked by: AmaniA
  • Percy jackson duh

    Percy Jackson is like the MOST best fighter in the world! Lame Harry Potter just has a wand. I mean can't you just break it in a SNAP! Percy Jackson has a Riptide which is so hard to break. Without Harry's lame and weak wand, He is a useless person. Take that LAME BOY!

  • Definitely Percy Definitely.

    Harry Potter is no match for Percy Jackson. I mean there is no comparison. Percy can actually do something with a sword. Even though Harry Potter has all sorts of magic, Percy can outdo him. Like others say, Harry is an average wizard. He is not like anybody special. Wow.

  • Percy would win in like 3 seconds

    Percy can control water, He has a sword and even if Harry uses the disarming spell the pen would return to his pocket. Wizards are useless without out wands, So if Percy manages to take Harry's wand, Game Over. And Percy had defeated a lot more monsters in a few years then Harry will ever face in his whole life. So Percy would 100% win.

  • Percy Jackson would win.

    Obviously Percy Jackson wins. Even if Riptide wouldn't hurt Harry he could probably just drown harry or sink him into the bottom of the ocean so that the pressure could kill him. Also, Percy Jackson has demigod reflexes and would dodge all of Percy's spells. Percy Jackson would obviously Win.

  • He's Defeated Stronger Beings than The Boy Who Lived.

    Percy defeated the Minotaur with no training, defeated Polyphemus and retrieved the Golden Fleece, defeated Ares a GOD, in a fight, recovered Zeus' Master Bolt, went toe to toe with the TITAN Atlas for a few minuets, held up the sky, went through the Labyrinth and survived, fought Kampe and won, took a dip in the River Styx, Fought Hades another GOD, and won, defeated Hyperion, fought Kronos THREE times,
    he single handedly fought an army of 50, he defeated Polybotes a GIANT, and survived TARTURUS, helped defeat Ephialtes and Otis two giants, and is considered the best swordsman in 300 years, so i'm pretty sure Percy should have no trouble defeating Harry Potter.

  • Percy is stronger than harry

    Percy gave his life for annabeth and harry let dumbledore die. I love potter and I have read every book of both but still Percy wins. Percy has water power and he would kill harry the second the battle starts . Lol harry is strong but Percy is stronger . But the most powerful is Luke skywalker

  • It's not even close.

    Demigods are just make for battle in a way that wizards simply are not. The enemies in Percy Jackson are just so much more powerful, from 30 foot tall giants with frost breath, to minotaurs that can throw limos fairly easily, to teleporting dogs the size of 18 wheelers.. It's just not a fair comparison. Love the Harry Potter books, but in terms of power levels... Two completely different tiers.

  • Percy would win for sure

    Is this a serious debate? Percy can manipulate water and create hurricanes with thoughts. He can create earthquakes. Also since the human body is made of 70% of water wouldn't that mean that he could manipulate humans? Although Harry has a wand that can create spells but Percy definitely has the speed and stamina to dodge the spells harry will be shooting at him. He than could run right up and break Harry's wand. Percy's weapon Riptide is stronger and more durable than Harry's wand. Riptide is made out of Celestial Bronze and forged by magic. Harry's wand, although forged by magic is made from wood. How many wands has he gone through in the series? Three, four? Also Percy has taken down countless giants, titans , and even the wrath of Gaea. He has been in Tarturas it's self and lived to tell the tale. He has swam in the river stix and fought mythological beings that weren't even Greek. Harry has managed to take down an army of other people with wands and then managed to defeat a white dude that has been on a mass killing spree. Percy obviously has more endurance as well. All in all Percy has way more power than Harry and wind by a Land slide

  • Percy would win

    Even if we're assuming riptide can't hurt harry, Percy's demigod prowess would be enough. His demigod reflexes and stamina would allow for him to easily dodge Harry's spells for a sufficient amount of time or Percy could make an earthquake, making unsteady ground or cloud his vision with fog/mist (not magical mist). Percy could simply control Harry's blood to kill him and there is no instance in the books where a wizard can control their blood or another's blood, there could be extremely dark and advanced magic that allows one to do so but Harry would be incapable of doing it. In the end, Percy wins by a landslide

  • Um hello! ...Wizard!

    Of course Harry would win. Sure, Percy has bend water and all that but there are spells that counter all of percy's abilities. And the only way Percy would b able to kill Harry would be by natural means because his sword can't hurts mortals. Wizards have much more power than demigods and are capable of so much more

  • I love both fandoms, But no.

    I love both Percy and Harry equally and am a part of both fandoms. If I'm going by pure fact, Harry would win. I mean, Look. Harry could, If he chose to, Use the Avada Kedavra spell and kill Percy, Though that's not something Harry would do. However, Harry has any number of spells at his disposal, While Percy just has Anaklusmos/ Riptide and the powers of water.
    Depending on the circumstances, Percy could possibly overpower him, But in a natural sense, Harry would be the winner of the battle.

  • Percy Jackson wins

    Percy could just fire water at Harry making him drop his wand and then Harry is useless since he's not strong, Then even if Riptide won't kill Harry Percy is more athletic and just strangle him or something(Harry would not even be close to winning hand to hand combat), So yeah, Percy would kick Harry's butt.

  • UMMMM..... Wizard vs a demi-god!

    Harry potter would just use the killing spell and percy would block it than harry would apparate behind him and then get him with the disarming spell and then use the killing spell. There job done like how hard is it hary is a very powerfull wizard and all percy jackson is is a demi-god with a pen

  • The Killing Curse

    First of all, I have read and loved Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. While I acknowledge the fact that Percy is super awesome and can control water and has the Achilles Curse and the amazing Riptide. Although these abilities would usually best any mortal or immortal opponent in a duel, there is still one more factor to consider: The Killing Curse. Rick Riordan never mentioned the fact that the Achilles Curse has resistance against magical means of harm. Therefore, theoretically, Harry Potter can always say "Avada Kedavra" and point his wand at Percy, and he is toast. This isn't even taking in the fact that Harry Potter has short and long range attacks, while Percy only has short range attacks. Not to mention the Percy can't control blood, and Harry could easily "accio broomstick" and be off in the air. I do agree that Percy could easily beat any other lower wizard, but we are talking about Harry Potter here. One word. "Avada Kedavra"

  • Transfiguration Spells= unblockable (almost)

    Percy Jackson from the Blood of Olympus
    Harry Potter from the Deathly Hallows
    Scenario: No civilians. No gods helping. Empty, hilly field with a river. Contestants are 20 feet away from each other.

    If Percy Jackson's spells can block spells like Avada Kedvara, but not spells like Transfiguration spells, then Harry wins, simply by immediatly apparating and then transfiguring him into opera glasses or even vanishing him. If his sword can block all spells, it still is pretty hard to block transfiguration spells as you can't see them.

    If Percy tries to do something like making a fist out of the water, Harry can easily block it. Don't forget, Percy can't make a fist instantly, it takes a bit of time, enough time for Harry to see it and block it.

  • Percy J. Is a Mary Sue

    First and foremost, Blood Bending is NOT a canon ability of Percy's. Blood carries oxygen anyways. Harry Potter is a mortal, therefore Riptide could not pass through him. Magic is long-range, while for sword fighting, you need to be up close. Btw, Percy's personality is annoyingly sarcastic and Riordan shows favoritism to Percy as he never loses in his mythological world

  • Of Course He Can't

    Harry Potter has all types of magic and he has much more experience at fighting humans (or in Voldemort's case, almost-humans-but-not-quite-there). Percy is awesome and it would be a close match but he only has water powers and the ability to use his sword. He managed to kill a man-type-thing that had 8 lives, including one inside himself, How is defeating Kronos and a couple of giants better?

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