Do you think Pitbull dogs carry a negative stigma because of how they are portrayed in the media?

Asked by: dixon99
  • It is our fault the media portray this

    When dog breeds are born they have no influence to do what they do they have no view on life until we trainthem and teach them. It is our fault, you see this in everyday life when you walk down the street a Mother will tell their kids to keep away from this breed of dog not knowing if the dog has been brought up in the way the media portray the breed, its our fault not the dogs

  • Bad Press hurts this breeds image

    Most people perceived pit-bulls as being ferocious because the media plays a major role in misleading the public. Many people who think this way has never interacted with pit-bull type dogs. If a study was to be conducted many people will have the opportunity to see that you cant trust the media to think for you, people will soon see pit-bulls just as any other dogs.

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