• Yes, plea bargaining can be effective

    Plea bargaining can be an effective way of getting justice, but it is frustrating when used to get lighter sentences for criminals who deserve a stiffer punishment. When plea bargaining is used to help bring a bigger criminal to justice, it serves a pretty effective use. It can also be used to speed up trials which can take interminably long times and cost excessive amounts of money.

  • Plea Bargins Work For Court Systems

    Plea bargains are an excellent way of avoiding clogging up courts with criminals who ought to start repaying their debt to society without the nuisance of lengthy and unnecessary trials. Plea bargains allow law enforcement and court resources to be applied where they are needed most and avoid the chance of criminals walking free through lawyerly shenanigans.

  • It gets things done

    Plea bargains often seem like they do not do victims justice. However, governments only have so much time and money and other resources to prosecute and investigate crimes. Any time they can get a guilty plea and possibly even help on other crimes, they should take it so there can be at least some justice

  • Yes, of course.

    If you can take a lesser person off the street that has information and get that information to bring down a crime boss, this is a very effective method of obtaining justice. Of course, there are some plea bargains that are just absurd and shoud not even be considered at all.

  • Plea bargaining is too lenient

    Plea bargains are unconstitutional on a few grounds: my main reasons for opposing it is it denies a person their right to a fair trial and occasionally offenders are given a more easygoing sanction than they deserve, particularly if they committed a violent crime. I also oppose plea bargaining is sometimes wrongly accused people are forced to make plea bargains rather than have their day in court.

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