Do you think political correctness and incorrectness is right?

  • Political correctness is born out of nessesity

    My argument is that political correctness may not but be perfect in fact it is far from perfect but it's better than what we had before.Political correctness is just another way of saying equality and diversity and those things are good things.If we got rid of pc then the alternative would be that we would live in a very cruel society like it Was decades ago when blacks,gay people,women,Jews,disabled people and other minority groups where treated like rubbish so it is very important that we have political correctness to protect those groups and give them an equal crack at the whip in society and stop bigoted asshole s from making there lives a misery and ruining there hopes and dreams.The right wing always claim that political correctness is gonna ruin freedom of speech but I fail to see how this is so,particularly when you consider just how small the percentage of speech that is censored compared to the things that you can say,this idea that pc will spread like a disease and censor us is nonsense because people are not that hypersensitive.There would be no need for political correctness if people had common decency but unfortunately most people are assholes and have to be regulated and stopped from saying bigoted stuff like nigger spastic or queer

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