• Employers Can Profile

    When employers are allowed to access on-line information such as social media and Facebook, they can sometimes clearly ascertain a job candidates political party of choice. When employers can look at this type of information it makes it possible for them to discriminate on all types of basis's, rather it be legitimately legal or not. If an employer doesn't like your political party it is very likely for them to pass up your application based on this information, thus your political affiliation can jeopardize jobs.

  • Politics can hurt careers.

    Political party membership can jeopardize jobs. It is not supposed to, but human resource reresentatives and work managers usually have political feelings themselves. Who is to say that they don't judge others based on their political activity. Someone expressing too much political fervor on Facebook, for example can lead to negative effects on-the-job.

  • Yes, it can.

    I definitely do think that political party membership can jeopardize jobs. Companies cannot legally fire you in the United States for having a different political affiliation, but they can just say that they fired you for another reason if they don't like that your political believes do not match their own.

  • Political party membership can jeopardize jobs.

    While most work places are not supposed to discriminate based on political beliefs, the fact is that membership in a political party can jeopardize careers. If one were found out to be a Republican in an ardently Democratic office, or vice versa, then life at work could become difficult. This is because extremely partisan co-workers or bosses, conciouslly or not, may begin to change their behavior or discriminate.

  • No I don't.

    Unless the person is going for a job that requires you to be part of that political party than I do not think that it causes an issue when getting or having the job. In US I think the equal opportunity employer act is what helps us get people jobs from other views.

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