• Yes sir it may,

    One voice wont be heard, specially if that voice is from a regular civilian working day by day making enough money just efficient to survive.
    But, if a group of people who got each others back and are willing to talk and stand next to each other , making clean and concise points it will work.
    Nonviolent is key.

  • yes they can

    Yes, I think that if the people of brazil make a whole lot of protests that they can get a lot changed, and that the people that are in charge over there will listen to the things that they want to change, and that they will get it all done.

  • No it wont change Brazil.

    Even with all the people protesting in Brazil it will not change the country itself. They may get a new leader into power but the country is corrupt and will continue to be corrupt. Most of the people are set in there ways and will most likely never change even with new political leaders.

  • Political protests can definitely change Brazil

    Political protests can definitely change Brazil. Just look at many places around the world that have had protests and governments changed or dictators taken down. Over the past 5 years, protesters from Egypt, Ukraine, and Iran and other places have reformed badly corrupted governments, so yes, protests can definitely help change Brazil. It may come at a human price, but sacrifices must be done sometimes for the better good of humanity.

  • They show support.

    Yes, I think that political protests can change Brazil, because political protests are a way to show that people are discontent. Political protests certainly overthrew the government in Egypt. The same thing can come to Brazil. Protesting is a good way to show force and that the people are demanding change.

  • Yes, I do.

    Political protests can change Brazil and they are changing Brazil as we speak. The public are starting to speak out more and, with the internet and an increase in schooling quality, they are starting to make a huge difference. This is great for Brazil and I wish them all the best.

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