• A common stance

    Keeping a population disparate and disenfranchised is a classic PR and political move on the international stage for many different populations. This is currently happening with the Roma on a similar scale to how the Palestinian aid is being used, with largescale corruption and grandstanding in order to sway opinion.

  • Roma absorb minimal government funds when clustered together.

    Politicians do not keep Roma in ghettos intentionally to absorb EU funds because it is best that as little government money as possible is spent on them. In most cases the Roma are not being productive members of society, so clustering them in EU-funded housing together helps minimize their cost if they were to be more widespread.

  • I think politicians keep Roma in Poverty because they are not intelligent

    Politicians have a tendency to be short sighted. They concentrate on terms, whatever those might be rather than the good of the country. What can they get done to further their agenda in the time they have is more important than making lasting decisions that effect their country. The Roma culture also accepts that this is how life is. So it makes training the citizenry to want more difficult.

  • Romas are not kept in ghettos intentionally

    Romas live in a very closed community, and it seems that they prefer it that way, if this means living in ghettos than so be it. The European Union does not intentionally keep Romas in ghettos, to absorb funds. There are also many organizations that reach out to the Roma population but they rarely seem to get any results.

  • It Is Doubtful

    I have my doubts that politicians themselves keep Roma in ghettos intentionally to absorb EU funds. I believe this is, to a degree, choices that the Roma are making together with a lack of other options. They don't know any different so they are not inclined to accept change, as is human nature.

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