Do you think Pop-Tarts should only have one for each package, instead of two?

Asked by: SnaxAttack
  • Your Overeating as Much as Needed

    This is just a random question I thought of during my day. You know when you open a box a Pop-Tarts, and in each package it has two Pop-Tarts; why not only have one? It would probably save the company more money, because of less production to make two Pop-Tarts, as well as it does not influence you to eat two Pop-Tarts. One more Pop-Tart over the serving size!

    One solution people may offer is to eat one, and then put the other in a bag. I wouldn't mind doing that, but the fact is that when you do that, the Pop-Tart is no longer "fresh"; and can actually harden up. So why not, instead, just allow a package of Pop-Tarts to have one, than two? It will help prevent people from overeating as much as the given serving size, and can easily save some money.

  • It's all about value

    There is nothing wrong with 2 poptarts per package. You want the most value for what you pay, and 12 or 16 poptarts in each box gives you value. Not to mention 2 is a good serving size. If you want to eat only one poptart, you can just save the other for later.

  • There is no real reason to change it.

    If you made it so each and every poptart was in another package then the poptart company would have to pay more to get more of that aluminum stuff its covered in. So the price of poptarts would go up a little bit. Also...One poptart doesn't ever fill me, or my friends, up ever. Two is a perfect amount. It also punishes you if you want a third, because then your stuck with an opened fourth.

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