Do you think Pope Francis should change Catholic liturgy to be more inclusive of women?

  • The passages against women from Paul were not written by Paul.

    According to NT scholars, the "Women Cannot Speak In Church" were added in by unknown interpolations much later, so they should be removed from the Bible. Thus there is no reason why women cannot speak in church, become priests, cardinals and eventually a Female Pope would be a big Boon for the Catholic Church.

  • Yes, Catholicism should be more accepting of women and include it in their liturgy

    Catholicism needs to come into the 21st century and realize that their liturgy is too rooted in the past. If the church would make a major change supporting women, there might be less violence against women by men who practice the faith. As it is, the church implicitly supports violence against women.

  • If He Supports It

    If Pope Francis supports the inclusion of women in the Catholic liturgy, then I believe he should change it. I think this is an issue that needs to be addressed in the Catholic Church so gender equality is seen as the Catholic norm, unfortunately no one has to power to that other than the Pope.

  • Catholicism Needs to Grow

    What better way to have Catholicism grow than to be more inclusive of women. Try having God be a gender-neutral deity rather than a Father. Surely God knows what it is like to be a mother since man and woman were made in that deity's image. Women should also be allowed to be involved in the service in some way as well.

  • Never ever ever

    Jesus founded the Church to be the way it is supposed to be. He gave men the power to be priests, bishops, etc., not women. Men have their roles in Church, and women have theirs. The world should be the one change to reflect the Church, not the other way around.

  • Women are all ready involved

    One would wonder why these so called Catholic Women want to be involved in the liturgy in the first place .Or lets face it are you Women partly of the feminist movement, aLL SHOULD READ THE PROPHECY OF THE REAL ST FRANCIS OF ASSISI It will shed a lot of light on SO CALLED POPE FRANCIS

  • Women are complementary

    All yes arguments do not have scriptural backup. Men and women were not made for the same roles in the church. Therefore because of this we shouldn't change what the church has done for hundreds of years just to conform to a modern idea of equality and fairness shared by all

  • Now is not the time.

    No, I don't think that Pope Francis should change his Catholic Church's liturgy to be more inclusive of women. At least not at this time. The Church can barely deal with all the damage done to it by that idiot Benedict who preceded him, let it heal for a bit before the next upheaval.

  • Women are involved.

    No, I do not think that Pope Francis should change Catholic liturgy to be more inclusive of women, because there are already many ways for women to be involved. Women can be involved in singing and in reading announcements. They can sing in the choir. They have many ways to be involved, and there is no reason for change for change's sake.

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