• Yes I agree

    I think Pope Francis is exactly what Catholicism - and all religions - need. He is breathing new life into religion and reminding everyone what religion is really all about - having faith in God and of course - helping others. Religion has been greatly abused and Pope Francis's efforts remind us of its true meaning.

  • Pope will keep some things the same.

    Francis the Pope of recent, will not completely change the culture of Catholicism as it stands in its current form now. There is the little talked about factor of the Vatican Bank and financial ties to financial -families- and financial -power brokers- around the globe. This financing will remain much the same with Francis as the head of the church.

  • Catholicism Cannot be Changed by One Man

    I've seen the headlines. For every step forward Pope Francis makes, his bishops seem to do their best to drag down. There is no hope for the Catholic Church with only one man. It would take a long string of progressive popes to make the sweeping changes necessary for the Catholic Church to remain relevant in this quickly changing world.

  • No, Pope Francis has said nothing that contradicts established Catholic doctrine.

    Pope Francis places a stronger emphasis on service to the poor than his predecessors, making him an empathetic and beloved figure, but he has not made any move to change Church doctrine at its core. The Church has always believed in service; he is just speaking about it more.
    While the pope has emphasized the importance of women in the Church, he refuses to allow for women's ordination. This is in line with historic Catholic doctrine. Despite his famous quote, "Who am I to judge?" Pope Francis has not changed the Church's position on homosexuality. He continues to oppose same-sex marriage and supports the view that homosexual acts are sinful.
    Several of the pope's quotes seem progressive, but because he is not changing doctrine, he will not have a lasting impact on Catholicism.

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