Do you think prayer should be in public schools or not?

Asked by: Madeline1698
  • Freedom of Speech, even if your talking to an imaginary friend.

    It should not be endorsed or sanctioned by the school. However, some people pray before meals. Someone talking to themselves shouldn't offend anyone. Same with imaginary friends.

    I hope I do not offend anyone (I'm sure it will), but to non-religious or pantheistic peoples... To us your talking to an imaginary friend. Nothing wrong with that! But if you think I should restate to satisfy your sensibilities... Well, we both have freedom of speech.

  • It isn't illegal

    Prayer is perfectly legal and allowed in schools but it cannot be mandated by the school, led by any faculty member, and it cant interfere with school work or teaching. The idea I don't agree with is the forcing of religion on the children especially at a highly susceptible age.

  • With restrictions, prayer should be allowed in public schools

    There's nothing wrong with someone deciding to pray in public schools. If the teachers or school don't lead the prayers, it should be legal. However, really religious students should know when the right time to pray is. A student should only pray in their free time, otherwise they'd do themselves harm and lower their performance in school. The school shouldn't dedicate time to praying either.

  • There's a time and a place for everything.

    Do I even need to say that forcing children to pray to the God of Abraham in class is completely unconstitutional? Not to mention that we need a separation of church and state?

    If children want to silently murmur a bunch of nonsensical crap to a God who isn't listening since he was never real to begin with, then that's their decision. They should be allowed to do whatever they want, in terms of religion, while in school.

  • There should be a separation from school and state.

    If you research this topic, you will find that ever since they banned school prayer in 1963, there has been a dramatic incline of crime in the United States. While having said this, I believe that there should be a definitive difference between School and State. School is a place of education, not a place of religious worship. Being Christian, I have experienced the power of prayer. But praying in school is unequal and unfair to those who do not have christian beliefs.

  • Schools are for learning not prayer.

    Now don't get me wrong, I am a full supporter of religious freedom, but prayer in public schools isn't religious freedom. There isn't a law saying that you cannot pray in school (At least in America) only that teachers, and the school cannot lead prayer, meaning that if you want to make a prayer club then you can no one is going to stop you.

  • Pray on your own time

    School is a place to learn, not pray. If you want to pray go to a religious school. I believe that the United States was right to make it illegal to pray in school because not everyone believes in god or religion and they shouldn't be forced to hear it. This is just my opinion :/

  • Schools cannot be promoting certain religious beliefs in the classroom.

    We all want to believe that children, when they arrive at school, are in a safe environment that allows them to develop their creative and critical thinking skills among peers. While I am not against religion being incorporated in history classes, etc., prayer cannot be taught at school as it is counterproductive to a learning experience and can cause unrest in students, especially young ones.

  • We all have different beliefs.

    All people who attend public school in most countries have religious freedom, if we make prayer allowed in schools we are telling those who are not of that schools religious affiliation that they don't have freedom of religion, as an Atheist I feel that freedom of religion is very important, because if I lived in some countries around the world I might be punished for my beliefs, let people have the freedoms they deserve and don't force people into one religion.

  • No Religion, Silent Moment

    Prayer can be many things depending on your religion. I don’t believe prayer should be conducted aloud in school due to the diversity of students and the religions they represent. It would be disrespectful to have a Christian prayer when Jews, Muslims or Buddhists were present. The non-Christians should get equal time shouldn’t they? If this were the case the better part of a day would be used for prayer over education. I see no harm for a minute or two for personal silent time for students use as they deem appropriate; prayer, meditation or just blank headspace.

  • Keep prayer out of school

    If you want to pray at home, go right ahead. You want to do it at church? Go ahead. We have to draw the line at school. School is not the prayer hall. It's for academic learning of real subjects so lets not put this garbage in our school systems.

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