• He has a big head.

    Yes, I believe that Prem Rawat believes that he provides a direct link to God, because Prem Rawat thinks that he is the master of meditation, and that he has gained some kind of special status with God because of it. He leads the Dividing Light Mission to a goal that he calls Knowledge. He thinks it is contact with God.

  • Yes he does

    Yes, he does think that he is the link to god, and he also is trying to get the world that he is, but in reality he is not. He is not a thing but a big fraud, and he is just trying to get a lot more famous now.

  • Yes, Prem Rawat believes he's the link to God

    I think that Prem Rawat truly believes that he provides a link to God. But of course, how true that is remains to be seen. But just because the rest of us may not believe him, doesn't mean he himself doesn't believe it. I also believe he may be mentally ill.

  • Prem thinks he is above you

    Prem Rawat does believe he has a direct link to God. He is sadly mistaken in his beliefs but many people follow Prem because he is very charasmatic. He will tell people to follow him and they will be successful. It can be scary how much power he has over people.

  • Looks Like A Business Man

    I have my doubts deep down Prem Rawat believes that he provides a direct link to God. Prem Rawat strikes me wrong as he comes of looking more like a business man more often then not. To me, that signals the fact that he may indeed simply be a business man.

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