• How will people know about life saving medicines without the ads

    Pharmaceutical drugs are expensive to develop. Most of the research that is undertaken doesn't yield results, which is why it is of the utmost importance that drug developers do recoup the expense on those drugs which prove effective. There is no way that drug companies can do this without advertising for their drugs. Without advertising drug research would grind to a halt.

  • They are not accessible to the public

    No, I do not think that prescription drug ads are necessary to sell their products. One reason behind this is that the product is not readily accessible to the public. In order to utilize the drug one must have a prescription for a doctor. Doctors should not merely prescribe a drug because a patient saw it on television and they believe that it would help. There should be some research behind choosing medication and none of that research should involve a television commercial.

  • No they aren't

    No, they aren't because all it does is promote hypochondria in people. These people will see an ad and be like I have those symptoms and they go run to the doctor and ask for that drug. I really don't use traditional medicine because it is all about big Pharma anyways. Your body can heal it's self naturally.

  • Prescription Drug Ads- NOT NECESSARY

    Anytime the television is on, a person can be guaranteed to view an advertisement for certain drugs. For example, there are consistently commercials advertising Viagra that play on television commercials. Although advertisements are sometimes effective, theye are not neccessary to sell the products. If a person needs a drug, their doctor will recommend it or they will ask their doctor for it. Advertisements are simply not necessary.

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