Do you think President-elect Donald Trump has secret ties with Russia?

  • Trump has secret ties with Russia

    Evidence supports the widespread belief that Trump has secret ties with Putin and the Russian government because of his positive statements about Putin in the past, his refusal to take a strong stance against Russian cyber attacks on the presidential election and his refusal to address the concerns of the American people and Congress regarding this issue.

  • I think there are secret ties between Trump and the Kremlin

    The ties between the president-elect and Russia may not be something that Donald Trump desires but rather something that the Russians have or know about that they could use against Trump. This is more concerning to me than Trump simply being friendly with Vladamir Putin. This could lead to some serious conflict between the USA and Russia.

  • I really thin he does.

    Why else would Trump praise Putin? No one in their right mind praises Putin! I suppose Putin has helped his business but now Trump is the President of the United States. Putin isn't going to try to help Trump's businesses anymore, he's going to try to help Russia. I think Trump understands that, but there's nothing he can do now. It's almost like he is a hostage.

  • Not sure they are secret

    I think it's pretty obvious that Trump has ties with Russia. I don't think it's really much of a secret anymore to most people. These ties are going to weaken Trump and in the end, put America in a very vulnerable position. The sad part is, intellilgence agencies knew of this before the election but chose not to tell anyone, allowing Trump to win.

  • Donald Trump has no ties with Russia

    The top branches of Government and all those other top ranked people claim that they can prove without a shout of a doubt that Donald Trump is linked with Russia and that they made him win the election. They've been claiming this for a while now, they claim but they present ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER.

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